What a wonderful Weekend in Wales

So Friday night saw us at THE BEST Chinese restaurant I have ever been to and then to top it off the company was fab too...

and the walk to the Chinese threw up some delights...

 saw this shop, off course it was closed because it was Friday evening so I put it on my list of to do's for Saturday
 Quaint Welsh holiday lets

 Another shop I investigated

And this is what I bought from the shops when they were opened...

 going to have a lot of fun with this stuff... and it was all at bargain prices!

 I couldn't resist this bracelet for China, she has a thing about whacky, off the wall bracelets and guess what she loved it.

and finally some flowers to share...

 Welsh poppies

Wales was truly beautiful and I am so happy that I went and had such a FANTASTIC time.
Thanks for dropping by, xxx

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Alison said...

Gorgeous poppies Dawn! Thanks for sharing your lovely holiday photos! Was good to see you for coffee today! x