Glad to be back

It has been an age since I have posted. With one thing and another this is the 1st opportunity that I have had to sit down and post.
The summer holiday seems an age ago, since being back I have been busy sorting out the house, unpacking, rearranging my art room. Sorting China out for 6th form, watching Jazz's football team... washing, cooking, cleaning and I have been desparate to create. I managed to make 3 Gothic Arches for a Paper Whimsy swap, the only art I have done since late August - so frustrating. I have a couple of RR Altered books to work on but as my head hasn't been in create mode I have started them as I like to do my best for the book owners, tonight I shall be starting on them - promise!
I have lots of pictures of art received to take, Row Houses that I received from Charline and Jeanie
apologies girls will get round to it... THANK YOU for your art work it was lovely to swap with you both.
That's it for now, gotta get on... hugs


Rick said...

Lots of creative stuff here.


Linda East said...

Yeah...I am so glad you are back...these Halloween pages are precious...you are so talented and if you don't do art you will explode...trust me...Luv Mum

Jeanie said...

Well, I'm thrilled you're back -- I hadn't been checking regularly because I knew you hadn't been posting, but now I'm back! It's good to catch up! Hope you had a fabulous time! Hugs!