Not much art work going on

But I thought I would drop a line to let my friends know that I am still around lol.
So what have I been up to? Well seeing as you asked I have been mainly getting my house in order. Thought I better do so as Stuart has go it into his head that he wants to move... best be prepared I thought so I have been in the loft sorting out all sorts of weird and wonderful things and getting rid of the old toot!!!
My art room has been a priority too with all the stuff I have I thought it best to have it in a "ready to move " state! 36 Really useful boxes later I still need more to organise....
I have been reading too, need something to help me unwind after the back breaking work in the loft. Currently reading No Time for Goodbye, really enjoying it... good page turner. A good choice for the Richard and Judy book club.
I recieved Exploring the Latest Trends in Mixed Media Art today - I will write a review when I have had a chance to devour it!!!
I have included the flower pictures here for a bit of eye candy as it won't be long before the cold sets in (not that it has been unduly hot here, summer came and went by all accounts!)anyway thought they were lovely pics to share - if you want to use them in your art feel free. [pictures not here at this time, start to upload and then freeze so will try again later]!!!!
Dwain is in the Maldives, having a great time no doubt. Jazz is out and about all the time now that he has passed his test and China has settled into 6th Form so all quiet on the home front.
Been to look at a few houses but none really have the WOW factor so I shall stay put for now.
Must take time to catch up on my fave blogs - give myself some MORE me time.
Anyway that is it for this brief post so take care all of you that drop by xxxx


Linda East said...

Ok, Ms. Dawn, aka...BB...there is a house for sale across the street here in OKC, can you imagine how wild it would be if we lived across the street from each other??
We could do art 24-7..There is another house for sale on the corner and maybe Christy could get it and we could start an art comune
(well when I dream I dream big)
Luv Mum...
PS...."don't forget to dream"..
"all work and no art play can destroy brain cells" these are just a couple of Eastisms to keep that smile on your face...

Jeanie said...

House hunting SEEMS like it should be fun, but it always feels like too much pressure for me. Right now anyone with a house here in the States can't sell it and anyone who wants to move can't get financing to do so. Bad times...