New Year Spring Clean

I can't believe how quickly this month is flying past. I have been on a Spring Cleaning frenzy (yeah I know it's not Spring) since getting back from Spain and just about have everything in order. I just thought if I do it now when it is cold and I am not going anywhere I would get more benefit from it.
That aside, what else have I been doing? Well I am so pleased that Waterloo Road is back on TV for 20 weeks too wahoooo! I love programmes about schools and teachers; maybe I hanker after my school days, who knows.
Also the 1911 Census came on line this week so I have been busy looking at the Indexes and adding new info to the Family Tree. I have left the researching alone for a while now and just got back into it recently, mainly due to all the Hornigold's on Facebook 2 lovely people, Angela and Mattie have both sent me photos recently showing family members - namely Stuart's great grandfather and gg grandfather. It was such a thrill actually looking on their faces.... I always envied those who had family pics, now I have some too, I know they are not from my side of the family but having them means so much to me...
Other things I have been up to include joining the Creative Workshop Ning Group (button link in previous post). Classes I am taking are Visual Journalling and a Photoshop one too. Now I just have to make the time to do the classes lol.
(This post has been sitting in my drafts so I will post and make a new one)

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Latharia said...

I hope you have a wonderful time doing your genealogical work!