Blank page, blank canvas that's all I see at the moment. I have a myriad of ideas flowing in my mind but up to now nothing put to page or canvas. I have been busy doing things with the family so have resigned myself to the fact that this holiday is going to be just that, for the family and not worry too much about creating for me, time enough when I get home.
I aim to start Journalling when I do get home as my word for 2009 is "JOURNAL" instead of dreaming it, I want to do it.... I achieved a lot of 1sts last year so aim to do the same this year.
I think what I will do if I get a chance is put some color onto a couple of pages and see what I come up with travelling home.
Lots to do tomorrow; have to pack and prepare the villa so that it is ready for my return... always makes me sad to be leaving but I like to leave it nice. Took the tree down today - that in itself is a sign of preparing for home; don't you find that your home looks bare when the Christmas decorations come down (especially the lights)
I have only managed 1 book since being here, and I have not even finished that it is called "Under a Blood Red Sky" by Kate Furnivall. About Russia, work camps, friendship and love. I have other books waiting for me to read but they will have to wait. Talking of books I am thinking I will buy the Classic Books on the DS - good value and lots of books to read, handy to keep in handbag for those moments sitting outside school, doctors surgery etc.
Going out to eat again tonight, a return visit to "The Wok" for Chinese - really good food, good value too 9.95 euros for all you can eat.
That's all for now.... PEACE X


theresa martin said...

Have a great trip back - see you in the whimsy forum! or on facebook!

mary schweitzer said...

Yay I got in!! My computer is co-operating today so I got to come visit you!
I agree about the house after decs. Sort of naked looking. Big sad sigh.
Happy New Year

Pen Pen said...

A blank page means we still have an endless number of possibilities! Once we make one stroke of a brush or pen, we've chosen our path and must keep walking to reveal what lies ahead! :)