12 Days of Christmas




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Here are a few of the gifts I received from girls in the CCSwaps group. I have other photos to upload too but they are on my camera phone and guess what left the charger at home so can't upload.
This was such fun and I enjoyed opening my gifts THANK YOU to Sweet Pea for hosting tis xxx
I organised a swap with some girls in England and will share those photos with you when I can.
I am all stuffed from Christmas. Going down to Bar Sin Problemas this evening for Charades - men v women, should be a laugh and hopefully no blood will be spilled...
I will post pics if I take any xxx


Jeanie said...

These are fabulous! Happy New Year to you, my friend. Thanks for your Facebook messages -- I don't get in there very often! But I'm always glad to see notes from you!

Jeanie said...

Happy New Year, Dawn. These are just lovely! And thanks for your visits to Facebook. I don't do it as much as the blog, but I'm always pleased to see you!