Rainy days

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Rain, Rain go away... today it has just not stopped raining. So I thought I would share this water color painting I did a few years ago with you all...
The X Factor final is on and the results are in and I am so happy because Alexandra Burke won - what a star this girl is going to be.... 18 weeks of watching and waiting and hoping that she would win and she did! absolutely a superstar talent has been born.

What else is new? Well I am playing catchup now that I am wearing my revamped original dentures, I was able to go shopping at Bluewater with Stuart and Jazz...what a change to be able to go out with teeth in. The funny thing was I went to the hairdressers on Thursday without teeth! can you imagine.... Richard my super duper hairdresser and Danielle hair washer extrordinaire looked after me and made me feel comfortable, so now I feel human again. I treated myself to some I.D. Bare Mineral make up at Bluewater and a couple of new outfits - feel better already!

The countdown to Friday has begun, before then I have to get packed up, work out which craft supplies to take with me.
Monday I am going to see Dwain - he is so busy this week with parties etc. so it will be lovely to get to see him before we go.
I seem to spend a lot of time on facebook which is cool cos I can see what everyone is getting up to lol...
I really should be getting on as time is going to go by in a flash, doesn't it always go like that; you think you have all the time in the world and then time is eaten up and what you wanted to get done is still waiting to be done - so guess what I am going to finish of this post and get cracking... ciao for now xxxx

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Christy said...

This is a lovely watercolor painting. The shadows are so nice. I know, sounds silly but shadows are not always easy and these are perfect.