Here it is, the complete set of ornaments for the PW Swap. A wonderful collection for Christmas.. what can I say they are gorgeous and will help to decorate my home beautifully this Christmas (and many more).
I often stop and think about what I have been up to in my life and think nothing much but the last couple of weekends I did something different.
2 weeks ago at this time I was in Calais with friends, browsing in the shops and having a nice meal. It was freezing cold, the wind was arctic but it did not detract from a great day at.
Then last weekend Stuart, China and I got on a train and went up to London. Started the day of taking a photo of Liberty - I wanted to show it to China

Then on to Carnaby Street

I used to go to Carnaby Street a lot years ago, first time there in about 20 years (that is so scary to write!!!) it was fabulous browsing all the little boutiques and this is where I found my gorgeous boots in Irregular Choice
2nd row, 1st pair of brown boots...
So there you have it, a little of what my past two weekends have involved.
This weekend? a wipeout as I have the flu, don't know the last time I had flu - so glad I don't get it often... Jazz bought me a beautiful bunch of flowers to cheer me up, apparently they smell lovely but I wouldn't know lol

Christmas is coming so fast and I have so much to do before I head to Spain, the clock is ticking omg better get better soon...
That's it for now adios x


Christy said...

Love these ornament shapes. And the color choice is a particular favorite of mine. Hope you are feeling better soon!

Linda East said...

Love your PW ornaments...Brown Boots to die for...oh yes...I am sorry you are sick...I don't like it when you are sick..but that is sweet of Jazz to get you flowers..take care of your self..It takes a while to heal from all of the oral surgery..even if you think you are over it...You are right Christmas is coming to fast...Brown Boots...ONG...you lucky girl...Luv Mum...
Ps...Call your Mum sometime..

Jeanie said...

Oh, my! Well, I'm back from vacation and catching up on your blog, so this comment is for all -- the great WOW art, the Tim Holtz stuff -- have to go there, and of course this post with the beautiful PW ornaments and your London excurision. So sorry you've been sidelined with the flu. Hope it's better by the time you read this!

Pop by the Gypsy. I'm having a drawing at the end of the month for all comments this month! Cheers!