So here it is Merry Christmas, everybody's having fun...

So where have I been, what have I been up to? Let's start at the very beginning a very good place to start :-).
Well had a really pleasant, uneventful journey down to the villa; I must admit to being surprised at this as normally there is either/or fog,rain, snow, strong winds - you name it we have had all types of bad weather, this year we were watched over and as I say had a peaceful trip... Thank you God.
Got the tree up and the place looking festive, this cheered China up no end, especially as she played a large part in decorating the tree (must admit she did a good job too). Went out shopping, and oh my giddy aunt the prices here have just become absurd. Put it this way I picked up a packet of mini do-nuts (you know the ones where there are 12 in the pack) Stuart looked at me as if I was bonkers, so I'm like "what's the matter? it's only do-nuts" Then he pointed out that those 12 little do-nut were 5 euros, that's when it clicked with me that that equated to £5 - never seen a packet of do-nuts fly out of a shopping trolley so quick. A lot of English people who had retired to Spain are having to return home to England as in the current economic climate they cannot afford to live here in Spain.... let's hope this world crisis doesn't last too long!
China normally buys here new clothes here but she was appalled at the prices and decided she would wait till she got home to hit the sales..

Christmas day was a family affair, which is what Charlie really wanted this year. It was great to spend time getting to know George and Julia, little sweethearts and playing games with Jenny, Lawson, Jason, Mary and Peter (Jenny's parents)
I shall be posting pics as soon as I can; my main priority was to make a posting to my blog so that my friends will know that I am alive and kicking....

12 days of Christmas pics to come too... some wonderful gifts from the 2 groups I was in, Thanks girlies xxx
That will be it for now
(to be continued)


theresa martin said...

Merry Christmas Dawn!

Jeanie said...

It sounds like a lovely holiday! I loved the part about the donuts!

Belated Merry and Happy New Year!