A little bit of this and a little bit of that


So the Gypsy Caravan is really rolling along and more and more participants are joining in the fun.
I have listed my item and if you still wish to join in then click on the Post dated 22nd January and titled One World One Heart - the prize is the fob watch... Good Luck if you are joining in xxx

So apart from blog hopping - and what fun that has been; (there is such a diverse manner of artists out there - Lisa is a genius for doing this each year to unite the bloggers of the world.) I would like to share with you my recent work.

As part of the I.C.E. Altered book RR I have created 2 spreads.
The top photos relate to Patricia's Songs of the 70's book. I choose to do American Pie as you can see from the pics...
The 4th photo is for Carol's Book - here theme was based on the book which was A History of Art. Carol wanted us to incorporate an imagine that was in the book and do what we needed to create a spread.
So these are my contributions.


If you read my blog post for the OWOH giveaway you might recall that I had originally made that bird house for another lady, but my mate Lorraine saw it and fell in love with it so I gave it to her. That meant that I had to create another Bird themed piece for Girl of the Month and here it is.
I am really pleased with this, it started life as a battered looking letter holder and I altered it...
I used Acrylic dabbers, crackle paints, distress ink to colour it. Then I used images from Tuscan Rose, the bird is from Technique Tuesday. I used a couple of eggs for the centre which I purchased from Paper Whimsy and I really like the way it turned out... I am not mentioning the name of the lady who is to receive this in case she reads my blog but it will be going in the post to her tomorrow.

That is all for now...take care and I hope you have as much fun as I have had, and continue to have blog hopping


SarahD said...

Great phots Dawn, Love your Art. Love your bird piece, your RR is fab too.

HUgs Sarah xx

Carol Stocker said...

Hi sweetheart! I am so excited about the spread you did in my book...I can't wait to see it in person and whoever is getting your bird piece is very lucky as well. Great job girlfriend! Hugs, Carol

Michelle McGee said...

Love your stuff!

Renee said...

Dawn, thank you for your comments, but I want you to know that none of the art is mine. The writing is mine but the art is not.

When I finished chemo after 2 years I just started downloading pictures, I don't even know where I got them or who did them. So I have hundreds with no artist name attached. I guess I was a picture stealer. Now if I see something I try to contact the artist and ask if I can use it.

Just wanted you to know that.



Renee said...

Dawn your words are not inadequate at all, thank you for them. xoxoxo

Love Renee

Linda East said...

Love your pics sweetie...I am now into jewelry pretty heavy, so I need to stay off of Face Book and work on some ABs (like your IW book)...Luv U

Jeanie said...

Bird houses are such fun! And I love this one!

ChatElaine said...

Gorgeous work I love it, the lady recieving this is a very lucky person. I want it!!!!! Have a nice day!!