I so wanted to be a part of the new PW Shrine swap but afraid I missed out. My fault, or should I blame the computer lol, I was waiting for an e mail to say I could join in and it never came, saw it today which of course was to late to allow me to play but never mind. I thought you know what I am just going to create my own, the shrine idea gave me the push to jump in and create and so that is what I have spent today doing. Forget the housework for one day just have a blast and I did!!!
Okay it is not quite finished, I want to add some gems to add a bit of shuz to it and then I will be happy, oh yes and I need to find something for that dear little girl to hold.
As you can see it is a reverse canvas. I painted it with Ferro Metal Effect Color in Golden Green. You can't see too clearly here but this paint has a real shimmer to it.
I added ribbons, bows and flowers to decorate and cut up an old dolls dress for the bottom of the canvas. The background is a Paper Whimsy one, designed by Gale and when I saw it I just knew that it had to have butterflies going through the arched wall into the garden.
Anyway I am happy, I have created a piece and it feels good xxx Happy days!!!


Sherry Goodloe said...

Hi Dawn! Love the piece of artwork you have created here. Sorry you missed the swap you wanted to participate in, but maybe it was meant to be saved and given to someone else at another time????? xo sherry

Terri said...

Dawn, this is a lovely shrine! You did a fab job on it and I can see how it expresses you.
I love the mossy stuff and the verse and all the rest.
I am glad you are feeling better, and sorry you missed the shrine swap. I am so glad you are in the napkin swap!
(I too, think hormones are the culprit for lots of symptoms! I am just getting over a doosy of a headache! And the heart thing? Yep, I get that a lot!)
Anyways, big hug to you!

Christy Laudig said...

I see some swaping in your NEAR future....you like the POPPIES??? Maybe a trade can be worked out!! ; ) I love your lovely piece and would be thrilled to trade with you!!! Mwah!!!


Janella said...

Dawn.........you are a sight for sore eyes! Welcome back to PW and HELLO MUSE!!!! Yee-haw, I love your shrine. The colors are georgeous!!!!!! Love that paint you used on the wood...I want some! Bravo, huzzah, and YIPPEE!


Christine said...

Dawn -- your shrine is just beautiful!! I love the lace around the frame - beautiful :)

Cat Dodt-Ellis said...

DAWN!!!! =D> :) =D> :) =D> I am so happy to see you posting, I was afraid you were lost!!!

Your shrine is gorgeous, I can see your muse is smiling upon you!!! :x :x :x


Chris Thuerk said...

Dawn, I checked out your shrine-It's beautiful!! love all the elements, the lace trim looks great and so vintage-and that big butterfly -wow!
So sorry you couldnt join in - we miss you!!!

Linda Kunsmann said...

Oh Dawn your canvas shrine is just divine!!! So glad to have you back my "nss sister"! Missed you. I thought perhaps you were in Spain for awhile. Welcome back to Whimsy Land!!

Linda East said...

This butterfly shrine box is awesome...I love it...I have been doing some shrine boxes also...I will have to put them up on my blog in a few days, been busy with this catalog killing and it is so fun...luv u mum

Jacqui at Fibre Dreams said...

Dawn that's lovely...I'm glad you've got your creative thingymajig back...sorry it's late now and I.ve had a few glasses of Rose!
Butterfly and dragonfly are my favourites.

Renee said...

Hello love:

Dawn, my dear friend. Talk, sing, and be yourself, because I will listen and dance and love to have you be who you really are.

Don't forget yourself star girl.

Love Renee xoxoxo