I feel like smiling again

The dark clouds have lifted somewhat and I am starting to feel like my old self so I have so much to do and am excited at the prospects.
China went to Ireland last Thursday to visit my mum and I decided to empty my art room into her room and have a good old sort out. I finally finished it today and feel more organised and ready to create. So tomorrow morning I shall be up bright and early and get cracking on some altered books I have to work in. There really was no point in starting them when I was in such a deep hole but now I have emerged like a mole out of the darkness I am ready to work in these beautiful works of art.
I feel excited, really excited - I have done a couple of bits and pieces but I cannot post pictures at this moment in time as they are a surprise for a couple of very special people and so have to stay under wraps.

The sun is shining in my part of the world and it is shining in my heart again too so I want to say a big THANK YOU to those of you who have dropped by my blog and left comments, it means the world to me and you know as down as I have been your presences on my blog has made me smile and that is such a great gift to give someone and I THANK YOU for it.

Watch this space, I am back and boy I am going to get some work done this week xxx
hugs and loves at ya

Dawn x


Genie said...

Hi Dawn,
glad you are feeling better.
look forward to seeing W I P.

Susie Jefferson said...

So happy you're back to your sunny self, angel. Keep your chin up!