Just thought you would like to know about this blog it is Lesley's Flatwoods Folk Art blog
Click on the name of her blog and be delighted at her wonderful giveway, you will not believe the prizes she has on offer BUT BE QUICK the draw takes place on the 1st June for 10 fabulous prizes.
I shall be posting tomorrow on what I have been up to TAKE CARE AND GOOD LUCK



I so wanted to be a part of the new PW Shrine swap but afraid I missed out. My fault, or should I blame the computer lol, I was waiting for an e mail to say I could join in and it never came, saw it today which of course was to late to allow me to play but never mind. I thought you know what I am just going to create my own, the shrine idea gave me the push to jump in and create and so that is what I have spent today doing. Forget the housework for one day just have a blast and I did!!!
Okay it is not quite finished, I want to add some gems to add a bit of shuz to it and then I will be happy, oh yes and I need to find something for that dear little girl to hold.
As you can see it is a reverse canvas. I painted it with Ferro Metal Effect Color in Golden Green. You can't see too clearly here but this paint has a real shimmer to it.
I added ribbons, bows and flowers to decorate and cut up an old dolls dress for the bottom of the canvas. The background is a Paper Whimsy one, designed by Gale and when I saw it I just knew that it had to have butterflies going through the arched wall into the garden.
Anyway I am happy, I have created a piece and it feels good xxx Happy days!!!


I feel like smiling again

The dark clouds have lifted somewhat and I am starting to feel like my old self so I have so much to do and am excited at the prospects.
China went to Ireland last Thursday to visit my mum and I decided to empty my art room into her room and have a good old sort out. I finally finished it today and feel more organised and ready to create. So tomorrow morning I shall be up bright and early and get cracking on some altered books I have to work in. There really was no point in starting them when I was in such a deep hole but now I have emerged like a mole out of the darkness I am ready to work in these beautiful works of art.
I feel excited, really excited - I have done a couple of bits and pieces but I cannot post pictures at this moment in time as they are a surprise for a couple of very special people and so have to stay under wraps.

The sun is shining in my part of the world and it is shining in my heart again too so I want to say a big THANK YOU to those of you who have dropped by my blog and left comments, it means the world to me and you know as down as I have been your presences on my blog has made me smile and that is such a great gift to give someone and I THANK YOU for it.

Watch this space, I am back and boy I am going to get some work done this week xxx
hugs and loves at ya

Dawn x


Well let's get back to it

It seems like for ever and a day since I last blogged and boy have I missed it. I have had my computer back for a week now but alas not my head... You know how it is, sometimes life just sucks the breathe out of you. Now don't ask me why this happened, maybe a culmination of events but boy I have had the biggest blackest cloud over my head. I have not been in the mood for much of anything except crying lately - but I am trying to get over it and thought that I would come back to my blog. I think my hormones might have a lot to do with it (hormones get blamed for everything I know but truthfully I do think that has a lot to do with it)

So what have I been creating - truthfully? let me tell you zilch, de nada, nothing - again my head and heart have not been up to it. Truth be known last Saturday I thought my heart was going to stop on my, I really did, but I am still here it is still beating so time to pick myself up as I always do, dust myself off and start again.
I have a number of pieces that need my attention so I plan on getting on with those this week to ease myself back into it all.

China got great praise for her photography work at College and this was so wonderful for her, maybe now she will believe in herself.
Jazz played in to Cup finals, got 2 winners awards - so that was a great way to finish the season. He also got the Players Player award for the season - so again all good. Next season should be the start of new things for Jazz depending on which road he choses (I will keep you posted)
Dwain, my eldest is gearing up for a Kenyan Safari with his girlfriend in June, boy that should be the best! Love how they get out there and see the world.

So my kids are happy and that is good for me - don't we want that for our kids?
The British Political scene is up the wall with all the corrupt, greedy MPs and the world is gearing up for a swine flu pandemic (not that I believe that!) but my kids are happy so I can sleep at night.

I still have to sort out all my photos and backed up files to get my computer back to normal but that can wait I want to throw of the shackles of this depression and shout out "I'm BACK!" So don't desert me, watch this space as I get my head back together and start to have some fun...
Thanks for listening to me love ya xxxx