So a few posts ago now I mentioned that I had met up with one of the girls from the U.S. as she was over for a cruise and stopped over in London.
I can now tell you that I met up with Caryl.

Here we are at the hotel she was staying at in London, her husband Craig took the photo (Thanks Craig).
We got on really well, not hard really as Caryl is such a lovely person. The time we spent together flew by and maybe one day we will meet again....
Caryl was fortunate enough to see the Queen when she was over, she was near the Palace and saw a helicopter arriving and lo and behold the Queen was arriving, she got video footage and I am sure she will blog about it.

If you don't know Caryl you should click HERE and go visit her blog, she creates the most beautiful paintings on board, as well as numerous types of gorgeous art.
Do you doubt what I say, check out this gift that she gave me when we met up....

isn't she beautiful! Caryl also gave me a bag of collage pieces which I look forward to creating with. As a matter of fact I have used one of the images in this heart I made for a swap on the Yahoo group Art Ventures that I am a part of.

The heart is 11 x 6 inches(at the widest point) and I wait to see who my swap partner will be.
Well that is it for today as we have just has a Bank Holiday weekend so I have housework to catch up on and should really get a move on...
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Healing Woman said...

Hi Dawn~

I saw the photo of you and Caryl on Facebook first. What fun! Glad you could hook up in London and how wonderful for Caryl to have been able to see the queen.

Your heart is beautiful-inside and the one you posted~

Have a wonderful day~

Debby said...

You lucky girl! Isn't she just the sweetest. I have been lucky enough to hook up with her twice and I love her to pieces. She is like my best friend. Her art is amazing. She is so excited about seeing the Queen.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how fun for both of you! I, too, have met her and instantly loved her. Easy to talk to, love her laugh, she gives great hugs, and her art is STUNNING! Lucky for both of you to have met in person...you are now connected across the ocean!
And I just love that photo of you two.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time meeting your US friend :) Wanted to leave you a comment to say I think your heart artwork is STUNNING! Its so beautiful. Gorgeous!!!

Carol said...

Love the heart, fabulous, you've set the bar high!

peggy gatto said...

WHAT FUN ! I bet you guys hit it off!!!!
I am jealous!
thanks for sharing!

barbara burkard said...

HOW FUN!!!!! (not that i knew or anything...lol) It should be that we could all just lay down a map and step over to each others house whenever we want.., eh?

big hugz!!!

carylsrealm said...

Awwww... Dawn, you are just the sweetest, cutest thing! I am counting my blessings that I have you for a friend and that we actually got to meet! (wow!) I finally managed to get up a small blog post about our meeting, but see you have such a wonderful elegant post! You rock! Sending Squeezes & Love!