can't believe that I have blogged in AGES got to hold my hands up and confess that the World Cup is the reason. I have an obsession with football, seriously I do, to the extent that my 2 boys were both born as a result of my over exuberance during football tournaments when England were playing. China, well she came along early as a result of my excitement when Linford Christy winning gold at Barcelona Olympics.... so there you have it.
Even though England crashed out deplorably I still will watch it to the end just because it is football. Hoping now that Spain can do it, watch most of those players every week on La Liga so makes sense and hey my second home is in Spain too.

So apart from football what else have I been up to, in truth, not much.
I did go to the Craft Barn extravaganza and thought it was really good. Met the delightful Suzie Weinberg, watched Linda from Paper Artsy and Lin Brown from LB Crafts. Also Isabella Norris flew in from Canada - that is dedication for you!

The Craft Barn, Lingfield, Surrey

Leandra Franiche, Paper Artsy

Isabella Norris

Lin Brown of LB Crafts
and last but not least

Suzie Weinberg

and finally for this post, I did manage to create one piece in between the football....

The poem reads
Her eyes are like the evening air,
Her voice is like a rose,
Her lips are like a lovely song,
that ripples as it flows.
And she herself is sweeter than
the sweetest thing she knows.
A slender haunting, twilight form
of wonder and surprise,
She seemed a fairy or a child,
Till, deep within her eyes,
I saw the homeward-leading star
of womanhood arise.
Henry Van Dyke 1852-1933
Lost in the photo is the silver shimmer of her dress and wings, I enjoyed creating this fairy.

So once again, Thank you for dropping by, won't leave it so long now, PROMISE


barbara burkard said...

hmmmm...our kids were born due to the cold winter, (january) valentines (feb) and that december baby..(robbie) well...don't know if i can blame st patty's day......lol....(they are all october, november and december babies...off to blog myself!!!

Nicks said...

hello, not sure if you remember me but you won a OWOH prize from me, I went to the craft barn as well, we may have passed by!