Time flies

Oh my how naughty I have been, nothing on my blog for so long, sorry about that.
I loved to come to my blog and share what I had been up to and then it became a chore... wondering why? Let me tell you.
I had the most amazing Birthday this year, totally spoiled by my family and friends and I was oh so happy.
One of my gifts is the reason for my angst.
You know how it is you have something that you have used for years, you know all it's foibles and how to put it right if it goes wrong. That was me with my little computer with its Windows OS. Then, bless him, my DH thought that it would be wonderful to get me a Mac for my birthday and that is when my trouble started.
I just didn't get it - it didn't work for me, I had to think when I wanted to do something and so the fun of the doing was lost....
I am in Spain now - brought my Mac with me determined to become friends with it.... and so here I am writing my first post using it.
I won't be adding pictures as I have to learn how to do that, i.e. where they are on my computer and then uploading them but hey I am taking the first baby steps to bonding with it.
Everyone says that I will come to love it so I shall give it a go... sure I will get there in the end.

Anyway I can say that I am back now, hoping that I haven't lost too may friends due to my absence and now that DH has gone back to England till Wednesday I am going to sit down and catch up with all my fave blogs..... even the thought of going on the net filled me with dread.
I have stopped using the trackpad and bought a wireless mouse as I get on better with that.. so bear with me and watch this space as I post about my holiday...
Peace to all

Love Dawn


Healing Woman said...

You certainly won't loose me Dawn. I love your posts. I've heard the Mac is the best but I'd hate to make the leap right now.

I look forward to hearing all about Spain and your vacation there. I have been posting my trip to the UK and Ireland, as you know. I plan to add art and link it with the stories I create about each place I went. Sooo...most will probably be sick of hearing about your country before I'm through..LOL

I was pleased to see that you have posted.

Take care and have fun in Spain!

Christy said...

I have used both PCs and MACs for years. At one point I had one of each and shared a monitor and had a little switch to jump from one to the other.

Hate to be like the rest but you really will love it after a while.

I like both for different reasons.

You can't get rid of us as easy as that ;) Besides, we can always find you on FB.

Enjoy your holiday and soak up lots of sunshine and good food.