can't believe that I have blogged in AGES got to hold my hands up and confess that the World Cup is the reason. I have an obsession with football, seriously I do, to the extent that my 2 boys were both born as a result of my over exuberance during football tournaments when England were playing. China, well she came along early as a result of my excitement when Linford Christy winning gold at Barcelona Olympics.... so there you have it.
Even though England crashed out deplorably I still will watch it to the end just because it is football. Hoping now that Spain can do it, watch most of those players every week on La Liga so makes sense and hey my second home is in Spain too.

So apart from football what else have I been up to, in truth, not much.
I did go to the Craft Barn extravaganza and thought it was really good. Met the delightful Suzie Weinberg, watched Linda from Paper Artsy and Lin Brown from LB Crafts. Also Isabella Norris flew in from Canada - that is dedication for you!

The Craft Barn, Lingfield, Surrey

Leandra Franiche, Paper Artsy

Isabella Norris

Lin Brown of LB Crafts
and last but not least

Suzie Weinberg

and finally for this post, I did manage to create one piece in between the football....

The poem reads
Her eyes are like the evening air,
Her voice is like a rose,
Her lips are like a lovely song,
that ripples as it flows.
And she herself is sweeter than
the sweetest thing she knows.
A slender haunting, twilight form
of wonder and surprise,
She seemed a fairy or a child,
Till, deep within her eyes,
I saw the homeward-leading star
of womanhood arise.
Henry Van Dyke 1852-1933
Lost in the photo is the silver shimmer of her dress and wings, I enjoyed creating this fairy.

So once again, Thank you for dropping by, won't leave it so long now, PROMISE



Funny thing about me, if you visit my blog you will know from past posts that I have a phobia about sewing... I do, but that doesn't mean that I don't love to see what people create with their needles and thread. But needlecraft incorporates so much more than sewing, there is knitting, crochet, lace making to name a few other things.
I have a collection of sewing ephemera that I have collected and wanted to display it.
I bought a printers type block drawer and had it painted in an antique white, then the fun began....

This is the wall hanging filled with all the bits and bobs.

This collage shows a close up of some of the items, see that little red tube it is a vintage needle holder, you turn the brass top and the needles come out, there are compartments inside for different sizes.
And can you see the little bobbin spools to the right, so cute!

In the centre of this mini collage there is the reel of thread on the pins with a bit of work done on it,not by me so I was thrilled to find it like this...

In the top frame of this mini collage there is the little red tube with a thimble on the top. If you take of the thimble there is a little spool inside with two miniature reels of black and white thread and the tube down the middle of the spools is metal with a lid, when you remove the lid there are needles inside - this is a Victorian travelling sewing kit, how neat is that?
The two bone handle pieces are for lacing boots or something like that, I just had to include them.
I feel that this wall hanging would look amazing on the wall of someone who really loves needlecraft, so I am going to be offering it for sale, probably on e bay or maybe artfire... got to work out a price for it, but I think it will be perfect for the right person.
Thanks for dropping by to my blog, hope you liked this post



So a few posts ago now I mentioned that I had met up with one of the girls from the U.S. as she was over for a cruise and stopped over in London.
I can now tell you that I met up with Caryl.

Here we are at the hotel she was staying at in London, her husband Craig took the photo (Thanks Craig).
We got on really well, not hard really as Caryl is such a lovely person. The time we spent together flew by and maybe one day we will meet again....
Caryl was fortunate enough to see the Queen when she was over, she was near the Palace and saw a helicopter arriving and lo and behold the Queen was arriving, she got video footage and I am sure she will blog about it.

If you don't know Caryl you should click HERE and go visit her blog, she creates the most beautiful paintings on board, as well as numerous types of gorgeous art.
Do you doubt what I say, check out this gift that she gave me when we met up....

isn't she beautiful! Caryl also gave me a bag of collage pieces which I look forward to creating with. As a matter of fact I have used one of the images in this heart I made for a swap on the Yahoo group Art Ventures that I am a part of.

The heart is 11 x 6 inches(at the widest point) and I wait to see who my swap partner will be.
Well that is it for today as we have just has a Bank Holiday weekend so I have housework to catch up on and should really get a move on...
Thanks for visiting