So Tim Holtz is over in the UK. We all watched him on QVC demoing and eagerly waiting for him to travel to Newport Pagnell to teach us in a workshop.
My friend and neighbour Gabby and I planned to travel up on Wednesday, stop over night to be fresh as daisies for the class on Thursday.
I was all packed and raring to go... we were told to bring scissors and pokey tool... so not much to pack. We left later than planned as Gabby was checking her list to ensure we had everything so we set off about 12.10.
On to the motorway when I happened to say to Gabby that I hoped Tim would be able to sign our Cabinet of Curiosities book.....Oh dear, calamity! Gabby forgot her book and a few pieces for a Thank you message we made for Tim. About turn at the next Junction  - back home to get the book.
Then we hit the road again and did not encounter any traffic at all...There is a God.
We were staying in Olney (click to read more).

Our 1st stop was LB CRAFTS the shop of Linda Brown who along with Leandra Franich from
 PAPER ARTSY had organised our workshop with Tim.

This is the interior of LB CRAFTS - and Gabby browsing.

After the browsing around the shops we had a look around this quaint little town.

We stopped at this Delicatessen and had a Coffee - beautiful coffee I might add....but just check out the colours in the shop.

and then it was on to the Guest House that we were booked in to. The COLCHESTER HOUSE.

WOW! it was so pretty...don't believe me, come take a look...

this was my little private space down the garden path... and inside it was like this..

the perfect place to relax and reflect on the day ahead.
The bed was so comfortable and I was thinking I could quite happily live there.
Gabby was staying in the main house... come check it out.
 Guest lounge

 Gabby's en suite in the eaves.
 View down to my little home from Gabby's window.
 Gabby's bedrom.
Lounge in the main house.
I am sure you are looking at these pictures and wishing you were there, right?
the breakfast room...
anyway would HIGHLY recommend staying here.

Then we headed of to the hotel where the Workshops were being held and me up with some girls who I was meeting for the 1st time, but had interacted with on Facebook.

Kaz on the right had a baby 9 weeks ago, a little girl called Samantha. I brought along a gift for her and she loved it, phew that was a relief.
Anyway the crowd of girls increased in the bar and we sat chatting and laughing till it was time to head back to the Guest house so we could be up bright and early...
So as not to bore you I will blog about the workshop tomorrow

Hope you come back

Hugs Dawn


Joanna said...

Dawn, I am SO JEALOUS! Your guest house rooms are gorgeous, I love that you were down a sweet little path. Lovely to meet up with the girls you'd already Facebooked.

Looking forward to reading about your Tim experience!


Mariannes Kort og Stempling said...

I loved meeting you to Dawn;-) I will follow you on your blog - so we stay in touch ;-)

Halle said...

What a cool place!

JuliaPeculiar said...

Oh wow,what a beautiful place you stayed in. I can't wait to hear all about how the workshop went. What an exciting trip to go on.

Anne Kristine said...

Hello Dawn...it was so nice to meet you! Wish U the best!
Hugs fra Anne Kristine...Norway.

Karin said...

Your guest house rooms look fabulous Dawn. Didn't we all have a blast! Great to have met you irl. xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn, how amazing to have met you again, in blogland of all places! Such a shame we didn't bump into each other at AC, wouldn't that have been surreal?! glad you had a good time! Wasn't Tim brilliant?!
Alison xxx