After watching videos on the ALL ABOUT NORAH ning I thought I would bite the bullet and paint the sketch I did the other day... so I added a background and then sketched the girl on to it.
This is on a piece of drawing board 17" x 13"

I then used a Paper Whimsy image and transferred it on to the board.

Next was building up the colour on the girl, she originally had brown hair but I didn't like it so
changed it, it gave her a lift I feel.

I then picked colours I don't normally use to add more colour to the piece. Looking at it the face
needs to be developed more so I shall go back in to it tomorrow, I find sometimes it is best to 
step away from a piece.
I added this pretty daisy napkin, randomly torn and stuck down to give the picture a bit
more vibrancy,  am pleased with her and once I have done some tweaking she will be done.
I feel happy that I painted today, it was a great feeling...

Thanks for dropping by
Hugs, Dawn


Diane said...

Beautiful Dawn!! She is Spring! Don't you love what the napkins add to the piece!!

Maggi said...

Wow, that turned out great! I love the added bits of napkin you added too!

Healing Woman said...

I love this one Dawn. It looks finished to me but I'll check out a later post to see what you add to it. Love the musical notes in the background and the castle image too.

Warm wishes,

Peggy Alborn said...

Dawn, how have you been! Thanks for visiting my pics of Boston! I am supremely proud of Stephanie. And I LOVE this painting! It's so charming how you have used so many materials and placed the daisies all around her! Lovely, lovely, lovely!