Fibre Dreams and more

The top pictures are of a bracelet and a spectacle holder I bought from Jackie at Fibre Dreams, if you click on the title to this post then you can have a look at her site. She makes bags and other jewellery and has fibres for sale too. Jackie is based in England and is just starting out so I thought it would be nice to give her a mention on my blog.
The bottom pictures in this post are of 18th birthday presents I made for Louise, one of China's friends. I had an old photo album and so I decorated the cover; inside I made cards and popped them in some of the photo tabs so that Louise could make this as a journal, she can write memories on the cards, and then she also has room for photos.
The second present was the necklace, used a transparency of the face of a pansy image which matched the one on the reverse.
I have also been working on altered books, will post pictures when complete, Christmas decorations for Paper Whimsy and a Secret Sister swap (although I now who my secret sister is so she is not so secret :-) ) and again will post photos when ready.
My mouth is healing nicely although I hate the denture enormously.... roll on the day that I don't have to wear it again!!! got another couple of weeks or so with it in. As long at is out in time to eat my Christmas dinner I don't mind!

That's all for this post will post again tomorrow ciao! xxx Dawn


Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn
Wow these are even more beautiful in real life .A gem
Love Lorraine x

pruts said...

thanks for leaving a message on my blog.
your blog is great !!!!

Linda East said...

Great beautiful work...China's friend is a lucky girl to get those Dawn originals...I know because I am the owner of some Dawn origials and dearly love them. I hope and pray that your mouth heals fast and it is all worth what you have had to go through...you are already so beautiful, I am sure you will be happy with the new teeth and will be able to enjoy your Christmas in every aspect. Luv Mum

darlene aKa HugGeR said...

Dawn I love your BELIEVE piece. So much going on, yet so simple. Beautiful!!!!

Jeanie said...

Oh, Louise had to be wild about these! They are simply lovely!