Friendships across the sea



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Friendships across the sea indeed. I have been fortunate to make many friends in the U.S., Canada, Australia for which I am thankful. One of those friends Barbara sent me these wonderful Betty Boop gifts, I would like to say a resounding Thank you to Barbara, but also take this opportunity to tell her she is a naughty girl, she really didn't have to do this :p. Barbara sometimes you make a connection with a person from the first conversation and that was the case with you so friends are there for each other when needed (you know what I mean) and your words of Thanks were enough.... I LOVE all of these being a Betty gal and will treasure them always.
Friendships across the sea part two... so the U.S., Britain and the World have a new U.S.President. I can honestly say that I have never been so nervous in the run up to this election and throughout the day...My bed was calling but I could not face sleep knowing that there was a monumental event taking place across the sea. To say that I was ecstactic when Obama won is an understatement. Not because he is the first black President (although I personally see him as the first mixed race President, after all his mother was white...and in my opinion this makes him a President for all people). No I was pleased that he won because this man exudes an air of calm and reason in my opinion, John McCain lost me when I just perceived him as shouting out his opinions, like he was shouting to make himself heard...he fought the fight but his fight is over and for him that is sad but for the U.S.A. a new chapter in history is about to be faced and may it prove to be a successful,memorable chapter.
I would like to say that there will be those of you who read my blog who will have wanted McCain to win and I hope that my opinions do not stop you from calling back again... it would be a boring place if we all agreed on the same thing don't you think?


barbara burkard said...

big hugz and love

Jeanie said...

As you can see, I'm catching up -- and I couldn't agree more. President of the People, a stabilizing force, I hope. Been running to stay in place being sick and then catching up. It's getting old. But do take care. Now that I'm getting back in the groove, I should be a better "checker" of blogs!

Frescura said...

Great Betty Boop stuff! I love the jointed Betty Boop doll. I have never seen it before.