Secret Sister Swap

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So over on Paper Whimsy Forum they had a Secret Sister Swap. Linda K and I both missed the deadline to sign up for it so we became Not So Secret Sisters. The images are the top are the items I sent Linda, housed in the little house container which I covered with Patchwork pieces on the roof - the sides were decorated to represent the seasons.
Linda in turn sent me the beautiful "Joy" hanging piece of art and all the goodies in the Collage. This was a great swap to be a part of as it meant that I got new goodies for my ever growing stash and Linda benefited too...

I went to the dentist yesterday and ended up crying because I am going to have to keep the denture until after Christmas, won't be getting the bridge attached to the implants until the New Year. I was so disappointed as I thought that I would be able to enjoy my Christmas dinner but alas no it is not to be. Today I have got my head around it and accept that what will be will be....

That's it for this post, Thanks for visiting x


PW Victorian Ornament Banner



Here are my pictures for the PW current swap.
The hardest part was actually cutting out the template... sore fingers!
I am looking forward to getting mine from my swap partners. Then I will have 7 different ornaments hanging on a banner for Christmas...





I was so excited last weekend when I went to Pluckley to have another look at the house Stuart loves down there... took the kids to see what they thought and they weren't in love with it so it is not going to be our new home. So why was I excited you might ask, well just take a look at these wonderful toadstools - the stuff of magical fairie rings don't you think. Absolutely glorious and the 1st time in my life I have seen such wonderful examples of toadstools... worth the trip to look at the house just to see these.


Then walking the dog with Lorrain and her dog Jake we spotted these 4 pheasants hanging on a gate; obviously someone had been out shooting and dropped these off at the house for the owners. When I showed Stuart this photo (taken on my phone) he was like, "awww, why couldn't you bring one home for me..." he does love pheasant"!
So there we have it a few pictures of all that is beautiful around us, hope you enjoyed looking at my pictures xxx


Great Christmas GiveAway

Join in the festive season and pop over to this site for a chance to win some Festive goodies... Angelina of Angelina's Trinkets is the hostess with the gifts to give away.
Click on the Title to be taken to the Christmas Give Away site and Good Luck!

I should be back on later with another post but I just wanted to share this site with you cos "Sharing is Caring"


Fibre Dreams and more

The top pictures are of a bracelet and a spectacle holder I bought from Jackie at Fibre Dreams, if you click on the title to this post then you can have a look at her site. She makes bags and other jewellery and has fibres for sale too. Jackie is based in England and is just starting out so I thought it would be nice to give her a mention on my blog.
The bottom pictures in this post are of 18th birthday presents I made for Louise, one of China's friends. I had an old photo album and so I decorated the cover; inside I made cards and popped them in some of the photo tabs so that Louise could make this as a journal, she can write memories on the cards, and then she also has room for photos.
The second present was the necklace, used a transparency of the face of a pansy image which matched the one on the reverse.
I have also been working on altered books, will post pictures when complete, Christmas decorations for Paper Whimsy and a Secret Sister swap (although I now who my secret sister is so she is not so secret :-) ) and again will post photos when ready.
My mouth is healing nicely although I hate the denture enormously.... roll on the day that I don't have to wear it again!!! got another couple of weeks or so with it in. As long at is out in time to eat my Christmas dinner I don't mind!

That's all for this post will post again tomorrow ciao! xxx Dawn



Today, 5th November, Bonfire Night it is my DH's birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU with all my love.
He is spending the day in bed as he had an hernia op on Saturday so I shall be his "slave" for the day.
Love you xxxx Dawn
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Friendships across the sea



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Friendships across the sea indeed. I have been fortunate to make many friends in the U.S., Canada, Australia for which I am thankful. One of those friends Barbara sent me these wonderful Betty Boop gifts, I would like to say a resounding Thank you to Barbara, but also take this opportunity to tell her she is a naughty girl, she really didn't have to do this :p. Barbara sometimes you make a connection with a person from the first conversation and that was the case with you so friends are there for each other when needed (you know what I mean) and your words of Thanks were enough.... I LOVE all of these being a Betty gal and will treasure them always.
Friendships across the sea part two... so the U.S., Britain and the World have a new U.S.President. I can honestly say that I have never been so nervous in the run up to this election and throughout the day...My bed was calling but I could not face sleep knowing that there was a monumental event taking place across the sea. To say that I was ecstactic when Obama won is an understatement. Not because he is the first black President (although I personally see him as the first mixed race President, after all his mother was white...and in my opinion this makes him a President for all people). No I was pleased that he won because this man exudes an air of calm and reason in my opinion, John McCain lost me when I just perceived him as shouting out his opinions, like he was shouting to make himself heard...he fought the fight but his fight is over and for him that is sad but for the U.S.A. a new chapter in history is about to be faced and may it prove to be a successful,memorable chapter.
I would like to say that there will be those of you who read my blog who will have wanted McCain to win and I hope that my opinions do not stop you from calling back again... it would be a boring place if we all agreed on the same thing don't you think?