As I write this this little fella is watching "Mamma Mia" and dancing around the front room, he is Callum my Great Nephew and he is 4. What a bundle he is! I am looking after him tomorrow, fingers crossed he will be good!

And these images are works in progress for my journal; the plan is to get as many backgrounds prepared in time for my summer holidays. I am busy cutting up images so I can happily stick them onto the pages and Journal my holiday.... I am having FUN with this, I will share the journey with you.
So there you have it, not a lot but a chance for me to chill... be back soon, Thanks for dropping by xxx


Sherry Goodloe said...

Callum is going to be a HEARTBREAKER! What a cutie pie :)

Carol Stocker said...

Good golly Dawn...you should be teaching classes on these journalling techniques! Each page you have shown to date is stunning! Hugs and kisses, Carol