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I just thought I would share these glorious poppies snapped whilst walking my dog and to say if you would like to use them in your art then please feel free to do so - I appreciate you visiting me and so this is a THANK YOU.
I have a couple of pieces I am working on at the moment, looking forward to sharing with you.

This past weekend Stuart, Jazz and China went to Lille in France for a football tournament so I had a bit of fun at home on my own.
Went to the Craft Barn at Lingfield and watched a few demos, nice way to spend a day. Bought some Coppic pens, never used them before so looking forward to playing with them. Lisa with whom I spent a pleasant day came over in the evening with Toni, her daughter, Jazz's girlfriend for a crafting evening. I didn't make much, was clucking around like a mother hen looking after Lisa and Toni.

I think they did a fabulous job seeing as they had never done anything like this before.

I am so excited as China went to Ireland recently to visit my mum and she came back with photos of my mum as a child and my great grandmother and grandmother (who was 88 this week) so now I don't have to envy all those people who have family photos.
I can't wait to use some of the pieces in my art work.

On a personal level I have to go for a mammogram in a couple of weeks, so not looking forward to that, it will be my 1st, I know it makes sense to go for it, and I will but that doesn't mean I have to relish the thought!

England are playing Andorra in a world cup qualifying game now so I shall sign of for this post but don't forget to use the poppies if you wish xxxx


Barbara/myth maker said...

Beautiful poppies... A wonderful offering!

barbara burkard said...

oh the poppies are GLORIOUS!!! I'M DECORATING MY KITCHEN WITH A POPPY THEME! sooo beautiful!!!

finally got my computer back...somewhat...so i'll be back more often!
hugz and much love

SarahD said...

Gorgeous poppies Dawn x

Linda East said...

The poppies are awesome..thank you...I saved them to my pic file..
I am looking forward to seeing your new/old family pics. I think the crafting night produced some fun and awesome art work...tell the girls it really looks great and that they must be fast learners. Have a wonderful day my little Betty Boop..luv u mum