More faces...?

that was the question posed by Stuart. "Well" I said "practise makes perfect" and I am enjoying it anyway. China was like "I think we should put mum's work up on the walls in the house." Thanks China xxx
So here is what the fuss is about in my house.

This first one is 10x12. I used a napkin for the background and then draw the face over the top. Normally I leave the canvas blank where the face is going to be but decided to try something different this time. It was harder to work the colors but I persevered :-) Not too sure that I like this girl, her skin tone isn't what I wanted but as I said, practise, practise, practise. The hat was painted with fluid acrylic as I wanted the bg to come through - for want of a better name she is "Hat Lady"

Then I started on this senorita. You can't see it but there are napkins in the corners for a bit of texture.

I worked the bg using soft colors, quite pleased with the effect.

Then I added more detail with the flowers, wanted to create a veil like effect of flowers and I think it works quite well...

I then added some scrolls in the corners for balance..hey presto, I left it alone then.

The last 2 pictures are just close up of the lips and an eye.

I shall leave the faces alone for a bit as I have some other projects I am working on so watch this space.
Once again Thank you for dropping by, I know I get lots of visitors from Facebook and I would like to Thank you too...
Till next time, take care xxxxx


Itch2stitch.com said...

Stunning. Love her lips and the eyes! suzie. xxx

ARTifact & whimsy said...

These are AMAZING!!!! practice does make perfect and seems like your done practicing! I wanted to take a class at Suzi Blu's school but couldn't afford it so I started sketching on my own and I get better with every face! I SOOO love these portraits Dawn!!! xoxo
Hugs, Dawn Marie

Anonymous said...

Dawn- Your faces are a wonderful series! I'm looking forward to your next projects- very much enjoying the diversity of your art and posts. Count me in as a follower! : )))

Carol Stocker said...

Darling, once again I am totally AMAZED at your talent with faces. If I were there, I would have them hanging all over the house...gor-jus!