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Today I had a wonderful day, went up to London with Lorraine to go to the Lori Earley Exhibition at the Opera Gallery in Bond Street. The day was glorious, no jacket required, sun shining much anticipation of the show.
It was billed as a solo show, so we expected to see a fair number of her art pieces as seen on her website click here. Unfortunately there were 4 pieces in total so that was a disappointment to us. That is not to take away from the thrill of seeing her work up close and personal because it is to die for. The way she captures light and all the detail in her work makes the viewer believe that you can touch and feel what you are looking at.
We also went to The Fine Arts Society Gallery, also in Bond Street... and I have to tell you that I was introduced with a bang! to an artist called Leonardo Drew click on his name and have a look around the Gallery... myself and Lorraine were totally gobsmacked by the size of some of his pieces and the sheer amount of work put into each piece.
This piece is similiar to one that we saw at the Gallery
Number 43
fabric, wood, rust
132 x 288 x 7 inches

What a man!..
We popped in to another Gallery, had a mooch around, there were some fantastic huge photos of Marilyn Monroe, some pieces by Bob Dylan, some Picasso Prints on giclee selling for £11,000, something else!

After Gallery hopping we walked to Picadilly Circus to the Waterstones - this is there flag ship store and to be honest even though it is on 5 floors the Craft section is a disappointment. Mainly books on knitting, crocheting, beading - not one mixed media art book, no ATC books, you know the sort of thing that I like, so yes a disappointment. We had lunch and headed back but it was the BEST DAY and it has inspired Lorraine and I to visit more often, I know I have said it in the past but when something is on your doorstep it is so easy to ignore it...not anymore, I shall be hot footing back up there pretty soon. Thanks Lorraine it was a great day!

I am working on another canvas at the moment, obviously didn't get much done today but it should be up here sometime over the weekend... well fingers crossed it will.
As always THANKS for visiting, LOVE YA!

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What a great day it was Dawn , thank-you xxxx