Autumn has come and gone, the Christmas season is upon us but I created this girl, this autumn nymph today as it was so cold and miserable outside.. she is still a work in progress, I have left her to her own devices in my art room while I decide what to do with her...
I went to take the dog out this evening, he got outside, got heavily rained on and bolted straight back indoors. He did eventually succumb and we had a rather wet walk with Lorraine and her dog Jake. They were so not impressed, but hey they have to have their walk so Lorraine and I can have out chat.
It is so Christmassy walking down the roads, really cheers me up, even though the weather doesn't.
So what about you, have you got your decorations up? have you made your own? I will have to go blog hopping to see what you have all been up to.
China has dropped Art as her Art teacher made her really hate it and it was getting her down, so better to be happy in mind than glum because of some miserable person who is obsessed with the Tate Modern... that is not what art is ALL about and this teacher so needs to get over it! I have been barred from speaking to her as I had previously questioned her ability to call herself a teacher... I thought a teacher was supposed to inspire, guide, instruct? and this teacher does none of that, and because I was audacious enough to question her I am not allowed to talk to her.
Oh well, with a bit of luck I will have my daughter back, happy again - and she has decided that she wants to be a nurse, I am so thrilled about that, that was my job before I had kids... so she is putting her all into studying so she can achieve it.
I am going to work in a Journal after dinner so I am going to get out of here...Thanks for calling by, Love and Seasons Greetings to you all xxxxx


Val Foster said...

This is very cool Dawn. I really like it. The leaves are a great touch!

You wrote on my Facebook today. I'll be looking for your piece, and am excited to get it. Thanks for letting me know you sent it.

I responded to you on Facebook, but I don't know how to use FB and rarely go on there. I have emailed you twice to get your address so I could send my piece out, but haven't heard from you. So could you please email me your address? I'll try to get it mailed next Monday. Thanks.

Renee said...

Darling friend I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and the painting looks fantastic.

Love Renee xoxoxo