Today it is my mate Lorraines Birthday and so I decided to create a picture of her daughter Hollie. I worked on it and then with some trepidation took it around to her, I was hoping that she would realise who it was. As I got to her house her husband was about to go in so I asked him to pass it on to Lorraine for me. Stamford and I waited for her and Jake to come out on the dog walk and all the while I was holding my breathe. Anyway imagine my joy and delight when she came out all pleased and Thanked me for the picture of Hollie - she knew straight away who it was and so that made me feel heaps better and happy!
She said she knew and then she saw the name incorporated into the painting, had to cover bases lol.
This is the 1st art I have done over the holidays and so I feel happy now.
I have lots of ideas for the New Year and am itching to crack on... got to get ready to visit with my neighbour this evening so this is a short post
Hope you all are still enjoying your holiday season, Peace xxx


Kaz said...

WOW Dawn, this is awesome, you're so talented at painting. Hollie is gorgeous and what a beautiful present to receive. (I'm emailing you a pic of sophie now....lol)
fantastic artwork! xx

peggy gatto said...

This is a happy painting, I love it!!!
Happy new year!!!