I had a play with something different today. Earlier in the year I signed up to do a bottle workshop with Joanna Pierroti which involved soldering and beeswax. I didn't have a solder or anything else to do the project with up till now, so I thought today is the day to play.
It was fun adding the copper tape and then soldering, more tricky than I thought it would be, but hey it's all a learning curve. Adding mesh and lace with other embellishments and this is the end result.
I think I needed something totally new today as it has been a stressful time with China, she has dropped art, as she has so had it with her teacher, and then to top it all as she couldn't realise her dreams as Art A level was part of those dreams she has quit College and is now going to start work on Monday at her dad's firm. She can then do a day release course and if she wishes Art and Photography at night school.
I am so angry with her art teacher, teacher is not the right word for her but I will leave it at that... I witnessed her laying into a student verbally today in the car park! does she have no respect for her students, the woman is totally of her head.
Even though China has made the decision after much soul searching to give up education I am not letting the matter rest, I want the Head and the School Governors to look into the ability of this so called teacher and evaluate her suitability to be in the job. Unbelievably or maybe not, 6 students have left since September which says something about her! Sorry for the rant but I am so upset for China and needed to get it off my chest.... my art helped me today.
I hope to be more upbeat tomorrow, Thanks for listening xxx


Itch2stitch.com said...

It can just take one teacher to completely destroy all confidence. They should realise what a huge effect they have in peoples lives! suzie. xxx

Tamerie Shriver said...

Hi Dawn

Love your bottle experiment! And I agree, soldering is harder than it looks. The possibilities are endless, though.

As for China's art 'teacher,' it's too bad she had such a rotten experience with her. She's lucky she has you to (hopefully) counteract the negativity. I had a professor in college that was similar and for years I didn't even attempt anything because of things he said to me and other students. It is always amazing to me that people like that get to positions of 'power' and are anything but helpful and nurturing. I hope this one bad teacher will not prevent China from doing what she loves to do.


Elizabeth Golden said...

Love the bottle Dawn. It is gorgeous.

So sorry to hear about the "attitude" of the teacher. Some people should not be around other people.

Elizabeth Golden said...

Maybe we need more people like China as teachers. Someone who understands feelings.

Anonymous said...

It took STRENGTH for China to realize that teacher was toxic to her. Good for her taking that step. Now- she needs to find a mentor and teacher who believes in her- and she will flourish.
I'm sorry it was such a rough day- such is life, unfortunately.