Today it is my mate Lorraines Birthday and so I decided to create a picture of her daughter Hollie. I worked on it and then with some trepidation took it around to her, I was hoping that she would realise who it was. As I got to her house her husband was about to go in so I asked him to pass it on to Lorraine for me. Stamford and I waited for her and Jake to come out on the dog walk and all the while I was holding my breathe. Anyway imagine my joy and delight when she came out all pleased and Thanked me for the picture of Hollie - she knew straight away who it was and so that made me feel heaps better and happy!
She said she knew and then she saw the name incorporated into the painting, had to cover bases lol.
This is the 1st art I have done over the holidays and so I feel happy now.
I have lots of ideas for the New Year and am itching to crack on... got to get ready to visit with my neighbour this evening so this is a short post
Hope you all are still enjoying your holiday season, Peace xxx



So it is Christmas Eve, I am sure there are children all over the world eagerly anticipating looking to see what is in there stockings in the morning.
Christmas is such a magical time and it is not all about presents. It seems that we may have forgotten why we celebrate Christmas now in the commercial times we live in. So I thought I would share this picture with you.
I have many visitors to my blog and whatever your religion I wish you joy and peace at this time. May you have a happy life and enjoy your family wherever you are.
I was disappointed not to be in Spain this Christmas, but sometimes things are out of our control. In the larger scheme of things I am grateful for what I have. I have been thinking about the serving soldiers who have lost their lives this year, about the families they have left behind and I know that the loss of a holiday is trivial in comparison.
Then there are those who have lost friends and family through illness. May I wish each of you reading this the best of health and send you my love and hopes for a joyous New Year.
I am looking forward to tomorrow, it will be different for me but at least I am here and able to celebrate.
If you look to the right of my blog you will see the One World, One Heart button, this is such a big blog event and I am looking forward to being a part of it again this year, I shall be creating something with love to share, click on the link if you want to be a part of it too.... it is a way of connecting with some wonderful people here in blogland.



I had a play with something different today. Earlier in the year I signed up to do a bottle workshop with Joanna Pierroti which involved soldering and beeswax. I didn't have a solder or anything else to do the project with up till now, so I thought today is the day to play.
It was fun adding the copper tape and then soldering, more tricky than I thought it would be, but hey it's all a learning curve. Adding mesh and lace with other embellishments and this is the end result.
I think I needed something totally new today as it has been a stressful time with China, she has dropped art, as she has so had it with her teacher, and then to top it all as she couldn't realise her dreams as Art A level was part of those dreams she has quit College and is now going to start work on Monday at her dad's firm. She can then do a day release course and if she wishes Art and Photography at night school.
I am so angry with her art teacher, teacher is not the right word for her but I will leave it at that... I witnessed her laying into a student verbally today in the car park! does she have no respect for her students, the woman is totally of her head.
Even though China has made the decision after much soul searching to give up education I am not letting the matter rest, I want the Head and the School Governors to look into the ability of this so called teacher and evaluate her suitability to be in the job. Unbelievably or maybe not, 6 students have left since September which says something about her! Sorry for the rant but I am so upset for China and needed to get it off my chest.... my art helped me today.
I hope to be more upbeat tomorrow, Thanks for listening xxx



Autumn has come and gone, the Christmas season is upon us but I created this girl, this autumn nymph today as it was so cold and miserable outside.. she is still a work in progress, I have left her to her own devices in my art room while I decide what to do with her...
I went to take the dog out this evening, he got outside, got heavily rained on and bolted straight back indoors. He did eventually succumb and we had a rather wet walk with Lorraine and her dog Jake. They were so not impressed, but hey they have to have their walk so Lorraine and I can have out chat.
It is so Christmassy walking down the roads, really cheers me up, even though the weather doesn't.
So what about you, have you got your decorations up? have you made your own? I will have to go blog hopping to see what you have all been up to.
China has dropped Art as her Art teacher made her really hate it and it was getting her down, so better to be happy in mind than glum because of some miserable person who is obsessed with the Tate Modern... that is not what art is ALL about and this teacher so needs to get over it! I have been barred from speaking to her as I had previously questioned her ability to call herself a teacher... I thought a teacher was supposed to inspire, guide, instruct? and this teacher does none of that, and because I was audacious enough to question her I am not allowed to talk to her.
Oh well, with a bit of luck I will have my daughter back, happy again - and she has decided that she wants to be a nurse, I am so thrilled about that, that was my job before I had kids... so she is putting her all into studying so she can achieve it.
I am going to work in a Journal after dinner so I am going to get out of here...Thanks for calling by, Love and Seasons Greetings to you all xxxxx



can you believe it, sold a painting... and get this I was asked to do it after the girl in question had seen my previous paintings.
The story behind it is that her husband had this one photo only from his childhood, taken when he was about 13/14 so she thought it would be nice to have a painting done of it. She asked, and I said I would see what I could do and this is the result.
From this one painting I have been told by her that other people want me to do paintings for them too.... we shall see what happens with that. BUT she has asked me to do one of her sister from her graduation photo so I have lots of ideas in my head for that.
Went around the charity shops today and had a blast, picked up a wonderful jewellery box, complete with key which is just screaming to be altered - future project.
A couple more of the slippers have arrived for my swap, will post when I have the set.
I am filled with excitement today, I am a total football fanatic and today is the draw for the World Cup next year... can't wait to see who England are up against!
I could waffle on more but I don't want to bore you so I will sign off now, again
THANK YOU for visiting Love Dawn