Fairy in a jar



So this past week I have once again felt like I have been disconnected from the world; my internet connection has been intermittent and really, really slow or not available at all, so frustrating.
I had a great time last Saturday. Stuart and Jazz were in France on a football tournament and China was at her friend's house all weekend. So on Saturday Lorraine and I went to the Craft Barn in Lingfield. It was a day for demonstrations and I had a wonderful time, it was so nice to see various products demonstrated. I don't know about you but I see a new product and have to have it and then forget how to use it....at the Craft Barn I learnt how to use some of the products I have for the best results. Spent a lot of money but hey ho a girl can't go to a craft supplier without buying now can she???!
The pictures above were made for precious little Rhosie, her school is having a Summer Fete and she had to take in a jar filled with goodies or decorated, I have wanted to make a fairy in a jar for a while so it was the perfect opportunity. She was fascinated as to where I got the fairy dust, oh to be 5 again!
Apart from this I have been doing Paulette Insall's on line class and this Monday will see the instructions for the last lesson and then I will share what I have been creating with you all.
Finished my Mermaid in a box after adding some minor embellishments and I will found out later today who I have to ship my one to in the swap. Tomorrow I will send of my Row Houses to Kathy for her to swap out. My "Diamonds are a girls best friend" house got chosen for the Paper Whimsy Art of the Week so I was really chuffed!
My thoughts have been over the pond this past week after seeing all the horrendous weather conditions over there, my heart goes out to all those in the Mid West who have had such awful flooding. What with the snow that has fallen over there and the fires it has not really been a good year, hope you are all safe xx
Got to work on a an altered book for Chris, it has a bird theme and to complete a second canvas so I shall get busy. So glad to be back on line and able to share with all my friends what I have been up to hugs to you all
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Jeanie said...

Your fairy jar is lovely! I really know what you mean about seeing new products and demos -- that happens to me, too!

Eastjewels said...

Your fairy in a jar is just precious..I just got some jars at the Thrift Store before I went to the hospital, got them cleaned up and now you have inspirted me to get on with this project. Luv Mum

mary schweitzer said...

Glad you're back. And I love the fairy.
We've been on sandbag duty at the river for days. Hope the levee holds!