Football and all it's Magic

Boys in the team

Jazz gets his trophy with dad looking on...

So football has played a big part in my weekend.
On Friday it was the Croydon Juniors Presentation evening. Our boys collected their league winners trophys and in addition to that they received the "Team of the Year" award....fantastic.
Stuart received a totally wonderful surprise, he received the Manager's Manager of the Year award and was totally blown away by it....unbelievable.
So to all the boys, the manager and Marcus the coach CONGRATULATIONS
And then just when you think it can't get any better it does....Spain won the Euro 2008 Championships.
I am so amazed that a team I backed from the start did it with such style and wonderful football. Fantastico!!! Germany were shown how to play passing football and the BEST team throughout the whole tournament won....Yipee!!!!

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