This gorgeous man is my eldest son Dwain, today is his birthday and he is 26!!
Sadly Dwain and I have been estranged for over a year now but as a mum he is in my thoughts EVERY DAY.
Imagine my surprise and TOTAL JOY!!!! when I picked up the phone as it rang and it was his voice on the other end. I have walked around in a joyful stupor for most of the day I am so HAPPY that we are talking again. I do love him dearly, things have been tough but he is a fantastic man and has such a wonderful network of friends that he has done really well.
This post has to be my HAPPIEST post ever and I want to shout from the rooftops about my happiness...HAPPY BIRTHDAY DWAIN I LOVE YOU....


Jeanie said...

Oh, Dawn, I am so deeply touched by your post and your joy. So many times we have issues being together. I'm so very glad that Dwain called and that you are talking again. I'm not sure which of you is enjoying his birthday more, but I know you are terribly grateful.

Thanks, Dwain, for talking to your mom -- her joy travels across the world.

Carol Stocker said...

Dawn, your joy is apparent and I am so thrilled for you! What a great day you had today! Happy Birthday Dwain...your MOM LOVES YOU! Hugs, Carol