Expectant mum



Thought I would share these delightful pictures with you...my friend Sam saw this bird nesting right outside her patio doors of her kitchen. The mum has laid her eggs here and is content to sit and incubate them with the family going about their daily rituals. She stayed there as I took these photos and I hope that I am around when the eggs hatch to take photos of the babies...
Happy 4th July to all my American friends.
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Jeanie said...

Hi, Dawn,

Thank you so much for the card. You are just totally the best! That was really nice.

We think we may make it out of town tomorrow. I'll try to get the row houses mailed by the 10th, but it might be a day or two later (we're back the 14th). I have them started but I think I am having angst having never done these before! Well, they may not look anything like row houses are supposed to look, but I will have fun with them and look forward to receiving yours and Charline's! If I'm much later than the 14th, I'll send to you and Charline separately.

Sorry about being off schedule. You know the reasons, but I still hate to be late. Have a grand trip!