What have I been doing today?

Well apart from trying to decide what to take with me to Spain I decided I needed a little me time.... I made some Row Houses and some Jewellery pieces for my daughter and her friend.
China and her friends love these pendants so I decided to make China a new one, and she has nagged me to take one for her friend Jess (bet you can't work out which one belongs to Jess lol)

This 1st Row House has a PW image on it, grungeboard, musical peel offs and prima flowers. I also used my Rangers White Inkssential pen which I absolutely love.

This second image has an Artchix girl on it, grungeboard and a few embellishments.

The final 2 pics have the word Friends embossed with Cosmic shimmer powders, Inka images and tibetan charms as embellishments.
Now I really,really should get back to sorting and packing....what to take, what to leave - this is a total nightmare. What would you HAVE to take with you if you were going to be away for 6 weeks? Any help gratefully received xxxx


Sarah said...

Hi Dawn Wow i love your jewellery pieces they are gorgeous. Where did you find them? Stunning Row Houses. Hope you have a wonderful time in spain!!

Love Sarah x

catworx said...

Love your art pieces, Dawn!!! Those pendants are amazing (want to adopt me LOL!!) & your row houses are very cool!!!

theresa martin said...

You're on a row house roll! Enjoy your trip!

sandee said...

Pretty little houses all in a row!!! Very nice...andlovethe pendants!

Jeanie said...

Oh, my gosh! I can't WAIT till my houses arrive! These are gorgeous and I hope you're not too disappointed by mine!

What WOULD I take away for six weeks -- well, some folders with my favorite images (unless I had a computer and printer so I could download!); lots of glue; some paints or pens; my swimsuit; some really good books; more yarn than I'd use, too many clothes (because you never know the weather...) oh dear, I could go on and on!

The pendants are beautiful. What do you use as a base? Bon voyage, my friend!

paru's_circle said...

HI Dawn
parcel delivery just arrived!! thanks very much, its awesome!wondering about the technique.. lovely, i will treasure it, where are the instructions? your watch fob jewllery and row houses are very nice!
thanks once again!


You always have such inspirational crafts on your blog!
I am thrilled with your Row Houses..they are absolutely adorable and your Pendants are Gorgeous!