Faces class results

Well I have been doing the Paulette Insall class, all about faces....talk about scary and out of my zone! What a blast though lol. It is okay sketching the face but then the scary bit.....painting. But first before the painting it is the mixing of the skin tones...wowza!!! anyway this is my canvas so far, more work required and I am hoping that with practice I will get better - so this is my 1st attempt at painting a face. I like the lips, don't ask me why I just do. The eyes,not happy with them but this piece will act as a guide so I can see if I can improve.
So I have shared the 1st piece of art I have done on holiday, let me know what you think. peace xxx


Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
Just checked out your painting, well done girl.
It's great , is this the one ???
Was it difficult blending the face colours ?
Love Lorraine xx

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna be honest Mum, I think they look proper weird.



carylsrealm said...

I think they are looking fabulous!