Birds and bees...the real thing!

Some eye candy for you to look at. The birds are still packed into their home, not exactly a des res but mummy and daddy look after them well. They will be ready to fly from the nest soon - amazing how quick they grow!
Some flowers from Sam's bouquet, aren't they gorgeous...and who can spot the flower with the bee?

That's it for my blogging today, Thanks for dropping by...xxx


Jeanie said...

WOW! Gorgeous flowers, Dawn! Stunning -- and your birds are growing, too! Isn't that fun? I had baby birds once and it was just the best.

Thanks so much for your call! I will send the houses separately and get them off this week. Who knows, maybe they will arrive before you leave, but probably it will be very close! I'm excited to see yours and Charline's!

darlene aKa HugGeR said...

Hi Dawn I haven't been to visit your blog in a while all kinds of awesome eye candy, the birds incredible, the beautiful flowers.
Thanks for the looksee!!!!

Christy said...

Oh Dawn which is better? The flowers or the babies? I just can't decide. Thanks for sharing both with us.