What's in the box

The clocks went forward today, I was up early to watch the Australian Grand Prix at 6 a.m. and boy did I flag later in the day. But before I had a siesta the family had a lovely day out together, a rarity these days as Jazz and China both drive. We headed over to Bluewater for a mooch around the shops and I managed to pick up a couple of things.
My favourite buy of the day, this box

it had me oohing and aahing in the shop and thinking of the possibilities for it.
What is inside the box? let me show you....

do you see all those little wooden spines, pull one out and this is what you get...

sleeves for photos, yes it is a photo album box, but hey when I saw it I was thinking outside the box and thinking of all the ATC's etc that I have that could be stored in here, or I could totally adapt it and make something unique with it, what would you do with it?
I did get some other items to alter, I do have a few Craft it Forward items to make so I am keeping my other items under wraps for now.

Thought I would share a little ATC I made for the PW Ning Lottery March's theme in Clover....if you haven't visited PAPER WHIMSY to join in the fun you don't know what you are missing. A monthly lottery, fabulous swaps, great gals, a non bitch environment - what more do you want? check it out!

Any way this little ATC has layers and ribbon threaded through it, an ancestry brad which is gorgeous, well I think it is :-)
A delightful PW girl, and the hand of fate above her head. The other ATC's submitted are all so special and some lucky gal is going to win.... keeping fingers crossed.

Well I have blathered on a bit, and no I have never kissed the blarney stone, so I shall say, Thanks again for visiting, till next time have peace and fun where ever you are xxx


Blog Image Change

I have been playing with blogger in draft as I have wanted to revamp my blog for so long now, I wish I had more Betty Boop but I can always create a new header and put Betty Boop into that some more.
Spent so much time playing with this run out of time to actually blog but feedback on what you think of this new look would be appreciated... is it easy to read the text, are the colors okay, just let me know please xxx
Thanks for visiting x


Weekend over

and so I was able to get in to my room today; weekends in my house I am LUCKY if I get to sniff the air in my art room. Saturdays and Sundays are time with my DH, used to be time with the kids and Stuart but invariably the kids are out doing their own thing.
Saturday was sign up day over on PW for a swap hosted by the lovely Christy Laudig. Following all her teasers we learnt that the swap was to make a Whimsy Word Journal. The journal had to have 8 signatures/16 pages so I got cracking today to make mine.

this was the first one I made, I chose my images added them to my background which was made of of scraps which I randomly stick on to cardstock as I cut out for other projects, this way nothing goes to waste and I end up with a textured background; this was then washed over with perfect pearls for a shimmer.
I embellished with Tim Holtz distress stickle, his new one which is clear. Added some jewels, gotta love bling and hey presto first one done.

The second one is more muted, with flowers and ribbon for color. The words say "FRIENDS ARE TWO SOULS IN ONE BODY"

I only have to swap one of these and the other will go to one of the 5 who signed up for my Craft it Forward over on Facebook.
This is going to be a brief post... China bought New Moon on Blu Ray so we are going to sit and watch it.
Will post again tomorrow with some goodies I got from the lovely Mary Ann xx



This post is for my friend Renee...I still can't believe that she is no longer here, but I still feel her and I go back and read her blog when I feel the need to, I find it hard to talk about her without the tears coming. Renee wouldn't have wanted that I know but the sadness is so deep at this time that I can't help it.

Renee LOVED her family, her posts were filled with love for her husband and children. Then there was her sister, her mum, dad, nephews and nieces, such and amazing family who are there for each other and have been through so much sadness these last few years.

I created this canvas as a tribute to Renee, let me explain. This was in the obituary for Renee

"Renée loved her dearest husband, her children and grandchildren, family and friends, Christmas, reading books, drinking tea, watching blizzards, smelling flowers, writing her blog, listening to music, catching fairies, and admiring the sky."
so I tried to incorporate some of this into the canvas. The background represents the color of the sky with blues and pinks, there is reference to her family in the words, there are flowers and above her head there are birds.... her blog Circling my head, without which I would never have come to know Renee last year when our paths crossed due to OWOH.
It helped me to create this, I am going to be sending it to her home to show the family how much she was loved by me. Visiting her blog demonstrates how much Renee was loved, how many people she touched with her words throughout her illness. It was not all doom and gloom, it was inspiring, funny, sad, thought provoking - Renee became a friend to all who visited her blog... she was and will remain to me a WONDERFUL FRIEND, the world is a sadder place without her.
God Bless you Renee, my friend xxx



My friend Natalie asked me to create a display of her daughter Rhosie's baby outfit... she loved her in it and wanted to keep it and decided after she saw my previous wall hanging that I could do it justice. So I set to work, and I am pleased to announce that it was a success.

Mother's Day is this Sunday in the UK and my intention is to watch the 1st race of the F1 season... forgive me if I go on about it, but I LOVE it and this season should be interesting.
Had a quiet sort of day today, getting ready for the weekend when I will do the bare minimum!
Still spending a lot of time thinking of Renee, seems unreal to me that she is gone...funny how you can connect with persons on line isn't it...! She is at peace now and I have to keep telling myself that. God Bless you Renee xxx


THANK YOUs all around

I received a package all the way from the U.S. of A today from Sanna and this is what was in the package...

Sanna found this checkers set at a garage sale and thought of me, THANK YOU Sanna for the Betty Boops and the goodies, such a sweet thing to do xxxx


Then my Journal came home to me, and the art work in it is BEAUTIFUL, this one by Tracy Kaufmann

and Denice created the girl in black and white and then showed her as she emerges from the butterfly in her beautiful colors, fantastic xx

This beautiful lady was created by Manon, love the atmosphere
and Mariette gave me Enchanting moments, so happy with your wonderful works in my book girls THANK YOU XXXX


Naughty me...

I have neglected my blog... why? well I have been busy doing other things and so the time as they say flipped by and there were just not enough hours in a day.
One of the FUN things I did was a fund raiser for Breast Cancer. It wouldn't have happened without my wonderful friend Sam....We had a dinner party for 10 girls at her house on Saturday night, I heard about it on the radio and decided to ask Sam if she was up for it. She was, and let me tell you, Sam is the most AMAZING cook/baker, whatever she creates just melts in the mouth...so the girls all turned up, had a great time, great food - Sam did the Starter-Scallops and Prawns in a sauce.Main - Chicken with Olives and Tomatoes, CousCous with Roasted Vegetables, Potato Dauphinoise stack and Vegetables and I did the Dessert - Pannacotta with a Red Velvet Cake.. the best thing was that we raised £210 which was amazing, so THANKS to the girls who attended x

A while ago now I signed up for a class run by Joanna Pierotti on her Ning site, she created a Wall hanging from one of her mother's dresses.
Anyway I decided now was the time to try and create my own and this is the result. I put mine on to a mat board and created like that whereas Joanna hanged her dress on a "nature" hanger.
The good thing has been the ability to do this when I was ready and not have to worry that I had to do it in a set time. Clicking on the images, especially the collage one will allow you to see details in close up.

I am happy today as the sun is shining, so I have a spring in my step... going to see what to create this fine day... where ever you are, have a fab day.
Thanks for visiting xxxx