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Work has been progressing in the garden of the new home. Stuart and I have replaced the balcony from our bedroom so it is now ready to sit out their safely on sunny days.
We have put up a new fence so the dog has his own space to run free. Cut down trees that were rotten and yesterday we had 20 railway sleepers delivered to create borders for plants...will show pictures when they are in situ.

So I mentioned in a previous post about going to the Village Craft Cafe on Saturday...well I contacted the organiser to tell her how good I thought it was, and get this, my e mails have my blog address as the signature line - she visited and e mailed me to ask if I would be interesting in selling at the Craft fair.

This made me chuckle, and I did feel flattered, but you know as much as I enjoy my girls, my flowers I just don't think people would buy my pictures...so I doubt I will take her up on the offer. The only way I would is if I were to incorporate the images in to some other piece...so we shall see, never say never.

Talking of my pictures, done a couple this week...

First one was a self portrait, wondering if I should call it this or a self likeness, probably the latter. If you are on Facebook you would have seen it, if not I share it here now

The BEST compliment from my husband was - "You should frame that,  and hang it" I was well chuffed when he said that..hasn't said it about anything else lol.

Then I was inspired by memories evoked on a Facebook group I belong to for Forces Brats.. made me think of childhood and so I created this piece.

The images were from the Toodles and Binks range.. which is part of Stamp Galaxy, run by Kay. I have mentioned in previous posts that I don't love stamping on my pictures - I stress about them not stamping correctly, you know incomplete images, blurry etc...but I just thought as it is a dream of childhood that it wouldn't matter if there were inconsistencies with the images as they were just part of the background.
I then used some Windsor and Newton Iridescent Medium to was over the black area and the stamped images can you see it here?

This medium works well with water colours - so I was thinking if you can't afford Twinks it might be worth investing in a bottle of this stuff as a little goes a long way and you can create your own shimmering paints..

Well that is it for this post - don't forget, if you have taken the time to visit today and since the draw announcement which was posted HERE and you leave comments you name will be popped in to the draw for each comment, just trying to give you more chances to win...

Take care, have fun with whatever you are doing...

Till next time, Thanks for visiting
(p.s. the headaches have eased a little, but still there, but not so fierce)


Bev said...

Glad you're feeling better. I think your work WOULD sell :)
I reckon you will have finished work on your house before us - we've been restoring this place nearly a year now and still not got a "proper" kitchen.....
New girl very pretty.

(I think I may be a robot as it takes me about 7 tries to (un)encrypt these captchas!)

Barbara said...

oh yes!!! frame that painting! hang it in your studio...so 'you' can watch over it in your absence!!! i can't WAIT to see all the reno's at the house!!! oh the glory of it all!!!

Karen said...

Thats fantastic news about selling your creations at the craft cafe. I would definately grab this opportunity Dawn and dont be worrying about people not wanting to buy your art....they'll be queuing up for more...GUARANTEED!!!

Linda said...

absolutely frame that painting-and put a light over it too-it's so beautiful dawn-you're such a talented artist!

Aleta said...

I LOVE your self-portrait and I agree with your husband - you should frame it!

And girl, what are you talking about? YES your girls will sell. I can see people wanting a whole collection of them. I say go for it. you won't know until you try. right? yep. you can do this!