Here I am, better late than never

Monday, Monday so good to me...well normally, it is the day I generally do catch up from the weekend. That was all well and good and going well till Stuart decided to come home early. He bought a chainsaw as there was a couple of trees rotten that needed to come down in the garden...so hey ho boys and their toys had to come out to play - TODAY!!!!!
I ended up being a labourer for lumberjack Stuart, not complaining about the work, bit like a work out really and lots of wood ready for the wood burner - so result on 2 counts.

Anyway I might have mentioned before that my best time for creating is as my lot walk out the door, 6.30 and I am ready to create for a couple of hours, sometimes it is productive, other times not so.

Sharing with you a piece I worked on last night as I watched Real Madrid and the piece that I worked on this morning before my plans for the day were changed

Ready for this...

Now over on Facebook I belong to a group called British Forces Brats, it is for all those who had parents in the Forces - it is a wonderful group because the people on there we all understand each other and our past lives... and believe me it IS different growing up as a Forces Brats, all the moves and having to make new friends etc.
Anyway the reason why I am telling you about this group is because one of the members Jason Bridgman is such a wordsmith, he writes the most beautiful poems reflecting on our lives and he visited my FB page and penned these words for my picture - Ian has called her Estrellita

"As she gazed at the stars with the moon in her eye,
bathed in the light of a clear lunar sky.
Earth's daughter was kissed with the simplest of things -
if we wish to the stars, may our wishes have wings"

Beautiful words Jason, Thank you....

 This girl needs more working on... not happy with her, but hey ho we all have days and pieces that don't work straight away. her nose definitely needs removing, and reworking so that is what I will do; think it is good to share that which makes us happy and that which doesn't - its good to look back and assess - so I will leave her for a while...

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Barbara said...

not everyone can have a perfect nose....because if they did...the world would be...ah....tooo....PERFECT....(i think she likes it!)

HA!!! (one of my "words" to type in below, to PROVE i'm not a ROBOT..is nose!) THAT'S A SIGN!

Jodi Ohl said...

Hi Dawn...I love how your work is progressing and how beautiful it is!! Life i good, and I hope you are enjoying your new home! :)

Bev said...

Hey Dawn, I could do with some of your "rotten" wood for our "Petchka" (wood burner) ......we've had about 9 cubic metres over the winter and are now totally out - went "foraging" yesterday and picked up a few logs.....looks like it's fan heaters for the rest of the winter now :( Estrellita lovely - as usual !

ruthanne said...

Great name "Estrellita", I do soft sculpture dolls and have a time thinking of name. I have a hard time getting a nose I like on my art dolls~and think yours is pretty good.

brigitte said...

i think your girl is coming along beautifully. i look forward to seeing her when she is complete.