The luck of the Irish

So who had the luck in my Giveaway, who won the prizes??? Well here is the picture with all the names randomised by Random.Org

THANK YOU for taking part and visiting my blog, I do appreciate it....I  did the main draw which generated the top 3 to get prizes,
Jan you need to let me know if you would like the Poppies or A faces picture...
Once you have decided it will decide which prize Jodi Ohl will get and the final prize is for Miss BZ... that prize is a vintage item, which I did photograph but which will not upload, so tomorrow I will re-take the picture so she can see her prize.

Dont despair if you didn't win a prize in this draw - you might just get a little surprise of me sometime soon for being supportive, who knows!

Just had to say I was amazed after my last post to find that someone wanted to commission me to do a series of paintings for them - I know I have written about this on Facebook, but Facebook can't be made in to a book so I am writing about it here so it is recorded when the book is printed lol

So exciting and thrilling for me and the response to my surprise at this was unreal too...that's it, that is all I am going to say but totally, totally amazed and thrilled

I am out of here....winners will need addresses, that is all
Love you all



Barbara said...

YOU are my prize!!! CONGRATS TO ALL THE WINNERS!!! Dawn ART is a treat that's priceless!!!

Anonymous said...

I am SO honored to win! I have made my pick (DREAMS) and will treasure it forever. I have just the place in my studio to hang DREAMS and will be forever reminded of sweet Dawn when I look at it.

THANK YOU DAWN for a lovely giveaway and for making my Celtic roots sing!