Headaches have kept me away

Boy oh Boy, can't cope with waking every day with a headache and then going through the day with one - arrrghh so frustrating, so if you have dropped by to see if I have posted, apologies.

I have not let it stop me having a life fully, no siree, the show must go on, or in my case caring for the family.
I did have some me time too, there was a new Village Craft Cafe at Borough Green Village hall this Saturday. Met Kay from Stamp Galaxy  there, she is often published in Craft Stamper Magazine. Anyway I was telling her about how I have stamps but don't use them too often as I worry about not getting a crisp image, so she kindly invited me to go and spend a day stamping with her...will be taking her up on that offer.
For a first outing for the Craft Cafe I was really impressed with the whole event, and I am glad it will be a monthly outing for me.

On the creative front what have I been up to? Not as much as I would have liked but since my last posting I have these to share with you

This is done with caran d'ache, pastels and stamps and was a new direction, trying to capture a different pose for my girl.
This was a fairy created in pastels, trying to put the wings on from a side view, another challenge, what is life without a challenge.

I have to confess, I find it difficult to do great faces when they are small, trying to work it is a challenge, not one I intend to give up on, but it is a challenge.

This is for the 6 brave soldiers who lost their lives in Afghanistan, so sad that they will no longer be around to be a part of their families lives, I just hope that they did not die in vain and peace can come to pass in the region.

and this is what I created today, so there you are, and there I am up to date with my creations.
Tomorrow I will be sharing the gifts that have lifted my spirits in the past week...till then have fun wherever you are and my life be good for you xxx


Heather Elizabeth Brauner said...

Good Morning Dawn... So sorry you have been having headaches , amazing you are still turning out some very nice Art .. I love the blond hair side view wings,its the softness I like ..oh try getting an adjustment from a Chiropractor works wonders for me and headaches...peace and love Heather

Aleta said...

Love the new one Dawn (it's a great quote too!). I sure hope your headaches go away girl.

Barbara said...

always love seeing your new art...waking up with a headache is the WORST...especially when it lingers...and fills your day...

Anonymous said...

Dawn, your images are truly beautiful. I saw the FB post today and now she's on your blog as well. Her face is so pretty and you captured such a thoughtful look. She's my favorite to date.

Headaches. I know about those. And mine got worse in menopause. So I feel for you, but as you said, the show goes on. Hope they subside soon.

Sending warm hugs

Anonymous said...

I noticed you hadn't been around. Sorry to hear of the headaches - there are few more debilitating pains. Hope you can shake them soon.


Bev said...

You have been a busy bee Mrs! Headaches..........hmmm - Ian's always moaning about them.......but of course, being a man they are always worse than "woman headaches" - i'm amazed at the different illnesses he conjures up for having them.............(he once had the flu and thought it was malaria!)
Keep smiling :) - fab pics as usual