OOh I have been naughty

sorry for not blogging - time just gets away from me. Been working with hubby in the garden as the weather has been unseasonably warm - in the 70s crazy times.

Then in between working on commissions, even though I have still been getting headaches I soldier on, if I didn't' wouldn't get jack done..
So this post might actually be brief, as not totally pain free as I write this - think it will be more about the pictures.

Completed 3 of the Seasons that I have been commissioned to do and some other pieces too.


I spent some time this evening uploading photos to have some Moo cards made - if you would like 10% off  your 1st order let me know as I have an e mail with a voucher that I can pass on to friends. I chose 100 images of my art to have them made in to the cards - didn't think I would get to a hundred to be honest, lol, just shows I have been creative.

Jan de Bellis who won the prize giveaway chose the picture I call Dreamer and Jodi Ohl the Poppies.
Thats it for now as my head is not co-operating, Thanks for dropping by x


Anonymous said...

Your new commission pictures are wonderful, Dawn. Each one has a different look and each portrays the season.

Sorry your head is still hurting. Have you found the cause yet?

Spring weather everywhere is OFF....and the WIND is still blowing here. Knocked over my '49 cruiser bike in the garden (no damage), there is dirt everywhere, and my head is feelling full. It could stop now!


Aleta said...

Hey Dawn, I love Summer, Spring and Winter! Wood Nymph is very cool :-) but Wings is just stunning! All your work is so beautiful - I love it! I love your girls, but you are amazing with flowers too!

Bev said...

Glad you're getting a bit of sunshine over there too! Love the 3 pics so far..........and the wood nymph is fab :) Hope you're feelig better

Linda said...

Hey there NSSSister! I now am a follower cuz I missed out on your giveaway and your beautiful paintings here! Love your seasons and red poppies are my fave flower. Great that you're having such good weather. Hope your headaches ease up on you-that is no fun at all. See you again soon on blogland!