Ducklings Update

I missed out on posting yesterday, but there was major excitement and sadness too.
Mummy duck has her babies, 7 hatched yesterday, 2 yellow, 1 black and yellow and 4 black ones - I think they will go green.
Stuart and I went and bought a guinea pig hutch so they could have their own safe place away from the hens as we weren't sure how they would be with the babies - the hens were trying to get in to the house pretty much all day, so we erred on the side of safety.
Stuart was worried about the ducklings getting dehydrated so we put a little terracotta bowl, only about 1/2" deep with water and some duck crumbs for them. All seemed happy.
When China came home off course she wanted to see them so we went in to the pen where they are and she gasped because one of the ducklings had drowned in that little amount of water...who knew - so we were all really sad, replaced the dish with a flat lid of the fish food.. it's a learning curve for us so though we are sad we are hopeful that there will be no more losses. Think the other 4 eggs may not hatch.
It seems that the family wish to keep these ducklings - we shall see, 10 ducks is a lot!!

Stuart then took me out for dinner in the evening, we normally have Chinese on a Friday night but all the family were out so we decided to go out too. We went to my favourite place in terms of cuisine - I LOVE MEXICAN food, seriously LOVE it.
Had a couple of cocktails to accompany my meal

 started off with a scrummy Margarida
then a Pina Colada...mmm delicious.

Now you know why I didn't blog yesterday, think my spelling would have been a mess.

And today I received the item from the "Hope for Oklahoma" auction on Facebook  - the most beautiful necklace and earrings created by Lisa Wiktorek

the photo actually doesn't do them justice, they are the most amazing aqua green with bronze flecks in the beads - beautiful, and Lisa enclosed the free gift too - very generous, check out her shop by clicking on the link above (her full name)

A lovely way to start the day.
I then disappeared in to my studio today to finish a piece I had started yesterday.

This was created for those days when you look at a canvas, a page and your mind is blank - do you get those days? I do - so this is my blank canvas muse

She has a full blank canvas on an easel, pans of paint, paint brushes, tubes of paint, artist books, a sketch of mine that I did a while ago miniaturised on a moo card (they do come in handy)...so what do you think? 
She was actually a re-creation of a girl I did a while ago transferred on to canvas. So that was my fun time today

And finally I picked up 2 of my canvases today from the framers and they are hanging in my hall..unreal 

I think they have transferred really well on to canvas and I am so happy that they are hanging in my home - that is just the best for me.

Well that's it for today, going to read a bit more of Dan Brown's "Inferno"
till next time


Sandie said...

I haven't been to a Mexican restaurant in years but love the idea & the sound of cocktails.
Your pictures look great framed and the jewellery you bought is just beautiful - can see why you bid for it. Have a good weekend x

Carolyn Dube said...

How cool that you can walk past them in your hall! Love your blank canvas muse!