Boy oh boy the weather here is more autumnal than Spring like..grey skies, heavy showers - roll on my Summer holiday to Spain in July.
With that in mind I took Stamford to the vets today to get his booster rabies jab, so he is ready for his trip to - he loves the drive down and then when he gets there he is in sunbathing heaven, if ever a dog was a sun worshipper, it's Stamford.

You are probably wondering why I called this post Paris in the Spring, well it is because my friend Francine recently got married and honeymooned there - so romantic.
So that was the inspiration for my latest muse - dreaming of Spring Time in Paris..

Here she is, I gave you a glimpse yesterday...

 The flowers are a gift from my friend Barbara they arrived who knows when but I found them this morning by the dustbin. They symbolise the Spring in Paris. Each has the name of a place in Paris on them. There are swarovski crystal decorations, the little plaque says I love Paris in the Spring and there is an Eiffel Tower. She has a swarovski crystal earring.

This is a close up of the head. To be fair I should have been patient and waited for the medium to dry fully on the flowers but I wanted to share. The tiles all have a swarovski crystal on them too.

Have a dear friend coming over for dinner this evening, hence the early posting so I am out of here

Just popped back to say my mummy duck has hatched 2 baby ducklings - 9 more to go, so excited, she is very protective and all I can hear is their little cheep cheep noises from under her wings. Will let you know if any more hatch...

Till next time Bye


Anonymous said...

Have you thought about still using hair and treat the forehead/skull area as a headband of some sort. GILLIAN, the newest girl, is the first one that has struck me as a bit odd without hair. Don't know why ... she just seems to need it to express more of the luxury of Paris. - Ian

Linda said...

She is soo beautiful Dawn! I remember you spending time in Spain each year ever since I met you thru Paper Whimsy-my "not so secret sis"! Not a big FB person so I'm happy to see you blogging again :)

Sandie said...

Another beautiful girl, Dawn. I am starting to wonder what you will do next - your ideas are so creative x