Stupid computer let me down

Couldn't post recently as my computer wouldn't play - mac wouldn't charge - anyway finally sorted it!!!

Since I last wrote I have had a wonderful lunch with my friend Sam and some other delightful girls,
and evening with Abba and Michael Jackson - really good tribute bands, Michael better than Abba.
It was an awful day weather wise so cold and it was in a park so not good - but you know what dancing helped keep me warm.

Then at my Tuesday night craft meet, which is now on a Thursday we started to make air dry clay dolls..
So much fun but not my best work but hey ho it's the process and the laughs which made it a worthwhile project

 My effort
 This belongs to Carol one of the other ladies
 Susanne created this one

and Jane who showed us how created these two... they need to be clothed now

I have also started on a PaperWhimsy swap which is due in August, have to create cakes and then on the reverse we have to make a pocket and add our favourite cake recipe. These are my 1st three of 11 that I have to do, intend to get them done before going to Spain.

I made this "home time" girl as my latest girl

I had an e mail today about being on the DT for a product, really excited to see what it is they want me to do - there is a 2 month trial period so when I know more I will share with you - really chuffed to face this challenge.

Other stuff going on include the garden getting whipped in to shape.

50 laurels planted and lots of other plants, it's starting to look good.
The ducklings are 2 weeks old now and have spent the last couple of days out of the duck house, following mummy and daddy duck around, amazing how much they have grown.

And finally - tonight is the last chance to leave a comment to be included in the draw, that will take place 1st July, which as we know is tomorrow - I am currently watching the Confederations Cup Final, Brazil v Spain and as it is on late it might get to midnight before I retire and if it does I will do the draw using random.org...so don't forget to leave a comment on this and other posts for June to increase your chance of winning...Good Luck

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