Fairy Slippers - Work in Progress....

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The strange thing with this is the fabric was really bright yellow, but when it was put against the black felt and stitched in placed it turned this lovely gold color, more subtle so decided that I liked it.

This second pictur shows the slippers after they have been cut out of previous fabric, and sewn some more.

Over on PAPER WHIMSY I am privileged to be in a swap for fairy slippers, these have been inspired by Annette Emms, the talented lady who designed the template for these wonderful slippers and gave permission for Carol Stocker to host a 1:1 swap.
After the slippers have been made we have to design a place to display them - a book, shadowbox etc. and then say which type of fairy the slippers have been made for.

Over on PW my girlies know that I just don't do sewing, sewing machines brought me out in a cold sweat, literally - fear factor huge!!!
Anyway I was determined to make these and when Gabby and Lorraine allowed me to use their really expensive, super fandangled sewing machines I accepted. I was shaking, my hands, feet on the pedal you name it, but I so wanted to be able to say that I had made them totally.

Gabby allowed me to sew the gold colored fabric onto the felt and to change the settings to get different stitches, flowers, herringbone - totally cool.
Then later in the evening when I went around to see Lorraine with my chest bursting with pride - she allowed me to do zig zag stitches round the edges so the material would't fray. My two friends I am indebted to you both for trusting me with your wonderful machines.
Today I spent part of the morning embellishing one of the shoes, and I will start on the other this evening.
The display is an idea formulating in my head, knowing what to do is half the battle so I am getting there.
And so this is where I am with my slippers at this moment in time, the slipper still has to have a Paper Whimsy element added to it and I am waiting for an order so that will complete them, well that and sewing the sole to the upper.
Enjoy, I sure did and I have laid to rest a ghost from my past and can say that I enjoyed the sewing part, might have to get a cheapo -ish machine to use in my crafting (don't faint, I did just say that lol)

Oh and guess what I just had a thought, here in England there was an earthquake, measuring 5.2 on Richter Scale - maybe it was because I used sewing machine rofl...just a thought!!!!


gale said...

Dawn, I applaud you for jumping off the deep end and creating these amazing slippers!! You are my hero!

Autumn Labbe-Renault said...

Dawn, my daughters and I are really into fairies. I love the color these turned out, and I think you've embellished them perfectly. Way to go on overcoming your fear of sewing. Can't wait to see the finished project!!

Carol said...

These are gorgeous. Hard to believe it's your first sewing project, they are fantastic.

Carol ~ Spirit's Journey Designs said...

I love being able to see the photos in LARGE-size...all the little details that you have incorporated are fabu sister! Hugs, Carol

Eastjewels said...

OMG Dawn...I want to be the Fairy that wears these Beautiful and Fabulous shoes....really!


Anonymous said...

WOW! you said you don't sew...and check you out Gal! Really impressive work..your Fairy Slippers are so Elegant! You should be PROUD!
I want to learn to make some!!


Birds of a Feather said...

I came to see photos of Hoops and Yoyo ... but am enchanted with these fairy slippers! Just magical!