Imagine my surprise when I saw that I had been given my award by Cindy over on Mixed Grill Favorites gave me this award.
I now have the daunting task of awarding it to 10 people - really difficult, but in no partiuclar order I am giving it to...
1.Carol Stocker CAROL always produces the most amazing art, whatever she turns her hand to.
2.Linda East LINDA is a teacher and she creates wonderful art and can do so many wonderful things.
3.Carol Maclaren CAROL hilights other bloggers on her site as well as sharing her wonderful jewellery, felting and her dog "Baby" on her site, so worth a look.
4.Heather Robinson HEATHER is a busy bee, you really should check out her blog to look at her books, ATCs etc. she produces amazing work, I love to go over and check her blog out.
5.Natalie Briney NATALIE is in Oz and she loves to do textured canvases as well as books etc. check out her delightful blog.
6.Barbara Burkard BARBARA has a wonderful mix of art and family on her blog, I love to grab a coffee and drop by.
7.Mary Schweitzer MARY creates amazing shrines and books, she amazes me with her use of all sorts in her art, a great blog to check out - take a look.
8.Hope HOPE shares her art and family on her blog, it is a delightful find, see if you agree, pay her a visit.
9. Kathy aka Sweetpea PEA shares her art and all the techniques she has learnt on her blog, if you are looking for inspiration go take a peek.
10.Trish Bee TRISH is so generous, sharing techniques and encouraging newbies and seasoned artists to try different techniques, if you want to learn how to do backgrounds,weaving - oh the list is endless, take a look at her blog.

Well there you have them, my 10 nominees. There have been so many people that I have encountered in Bloglandia and sadly I cannot name them all so if your name is not on this list then don't despair (Cathy Johnson, Charline Dawson,Joanna Pierotti I would have included you all if I had the space [Charline couldn't link to your blog])

Some of these may be blogs you haven't seen before so click the names and have a look, then you will see why they make my day.
Bloglandia gives us the opportunity to connect with so many people and for that I am thankful xxx Thank You again Cindy xxxx


Natalie B said...

Thanks Dawn this is so sweet of you :-)

Mary S said...

Wow, I don't know what to say!!
Thank you!

Heather Robinson said...

Okay, I am just thrilled to be among your 10. What a pleasure it is to have gotten to know YOU and your artwork.

Pixie said...


What a sweetheart you are! Thanks tons for your kind words and thanks so much for introducing me to Charline! I look forward to meeting you in the not-too-distant future!