Flower Doll

I have made this flower doll just for a bit of fun to see if I could make a "doll"
I cut her out of foam, then gessoed it to make it harder, I then applied papers, fabric and flowers - it is not the best thing I have ever made but what the heck, it was a learning process.


Anonymous said...

Dawn - I love your doll! You are so much better than I. I didn't even put arms and legs on my doll. - Nicki

Carol ~ Spirit's Journey Designs said...

Dawn, it's still cute and a great reminder that spring WILL come! Hard to be patient though...Hugs!

morningDove said...

if you gesso foam it makes it harder? I love your flower child. Reminds me of the ?60's or 70's flower power time.

mary schweitzer said...

I think she's adorable!

Natalie B said...

Very very cute. What a great idea and you've put it together so beautifully. I've yet to take a photo of your scrummy book yet... sorry ..... hopefully today :-)

Anonymous said...

You get the best part of Art from experimenting and facing the challenge at heart...You've made a fabulous doll! I'd love to see more of your fantastic creations!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn
Love what you have done to your flower doll, it turned out just fine.
Love Lorraine xxx

mary schweitzer said...

Just popping to say hi! Your flower doll gives me hope that spring will come. It is 2 degrees here!
Thanks for your comment on my blog. Jump in and start altering that book! You will love it.

ARTifact & whimsy said...

Dawn, Your Art Doll is AWESOME!!! I love to make art dolls and experimenting is half the fun!!! Keep up the great work g/f. I've been a long time admirer!!!
Dawn Lippincott