CONGRATULATIONS KAREN you won the spoon pendant....Lucky No. 7 for you. THANK YOU to all of you who left comments. Karen you will need to e mail me your snail mail address xxxx

Went out with the in-laws today, I love them both, they are fabulous people Charlie and Trish.. anyway we went to the market at La Nucia, a really pretty place and the market there has always been delightful.... note I said has always been! Well the people at the town hall have changed the location of the market and in doing so have changed the whole ambience. Instead of winding down the hill through the village it is now in a square and all the excited chatter of all the different languages, the colors and smells have been lost... what a shame.

This little dog was mooching around the flower stall where I bought some basil (I LOVE basil) and I couldn't resist taking a photo - he is a French Bull Terrier, don't you just love his ears!! they make me laugh.

After ambling around the market for a while we drove to the Guadalest Dam, never been down to the dam itself before only ever been to the village of Guadalest with its winding streets and hilltop church/monastery. The water here was such a turqouise blue, the chalk really adds to the color, Charlie took this photo of Stuart and I (Thanks Dad x)

Then we headed for the restaurant that is a MUST when in this part of Spain. Arriving the car park was a bustle of people of all nationalities, word has spread about the delicious food served at this restaurant. The gourds and honey grown in the regiion are available in this little shop in the car park.

But the piece de resistance is the food. The most beautiful meat cooked on this massive wood burning bbq, the taste is exquisite. I had lamb chops, and believe me they were oooooooooooooh so good. I didn't want them to end but sadly they did. I can't imagine cooking near this in the heat but this man does it so well. There were people queuing to eat, willing to sit and wait and have a drink and chat until a table became available - fortunately for us we pre-booked our table.

China went to Benidorm with her mates this evening so Stuart and I had a wonderful evening together... so special, and without any teenagers about it was GREAT to skinny dip with him :-)
Jazz doing well and coping in England, and hey he has signed a contract with Sutton United F.C. If I were to tell you that since he was a little boy he has wanted to be a footballer and this is "the start" for him you will understand how PROUD the whole family is off him. He is a great footballer, I know I am his mum but it is the truth and I hope to keep you updated with his progress as he goes along this path... this start means he is semi-professional, he gets paid for playing - and he will carry on working at the firm with his dad... but he could go on to become Professional from this point - you have to be at a good club to get scouted and this is his opportunity... nuff said for this post, wherever you are I hope you are as HAPPY as me xxxx


Itch2stitch.com said...

Love your blog! I am now following you. Thanks for your comments on my blog about National Smile Day! I will keep checking back! Suzie x

barbara burkard said...

oh how SWEET!!! CONGRATS, JAZZ!!! I'm so happy i popped over for a blog visit!!! ever since facebook...i have overly neglected my blog surfing!!! Did the page of China ever come thru on your email that I sent? Such lovely pictures!! and memories!!!

hugz and love

Renee said...

Sweet Dawn. I love the picture of you and your husband.

Love Renee xoxo

Karen Witte-Elkins said...

Oh My GOSH!!! I am so excited and honored to have won this wonderul piece. Thank you so much! I will email you with my info. WOO-HOO!!!

Linda East said...

Skinny dipping? I have taught you well my little vixen...it doesn't get any better than that whether you are in Spain or Oklahoma...Great news about Jazz. Those gourds are so very tempting...I am still working on mine...I love gourd art. Oh you know me I love art anything...I am so glad you are have a good vacation. Wish I was there...:)
Love Mum